Workers Comp 101: How An Attorney Can Help You Recover

Workers Comp 101: How An Attorney Can Help You Recover

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You’ve been injured on the job. Now what?

No matter the severity of your injury, workers’ compensation can help cover medical bills and wages lost due to your injury, as long as you file a claim within the appropriate amount of time and with sufficient information.

In order to be eligible for a claim, your injury will need to fall under one or more specific circumstances, including injury by car accident, a specific traumatic injury, or an occupational illness or disease. If you’re hospitalized, miss work, need surgery, have a head injury, or lose consciousness due to your injury, then your injury is serious enough for a claim.

Workers should ensure they understand the rules of workers’ compensation and who they should report their injury to so that they don’t disqualify themselves for a claim.

“When you’re injured on the job, you need information. In some instances, the only source of information on an accident is from the adjuster, who works for the insurance company.

They’re under no legal obligation to answer questions or explain the benefits that you’re entitled to,” said Ben Whitley, partner at Whitley Law Firm. “When you’re hurt on the job, it doesn’t matter who was responsible — you should make a claim regardless. In being proactive, you can protect the benefits that you’re legally entitled to.”

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