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Published on February 19, 2016

When Police Brutality Mutates into Police Surrealism

When Police Brutality Changes into Police Surrealism
If a man from Mars were to check out the United States, and observe the actions of municipal police departments, there is no way in hell he might draw the dual …
And just in case you haven’t seen enough weird stuff today, there’s this:
Chicago officer sues estate of teenager he fatally shot
Jones was a workers’ rights and neighborhood activist opposed to authorities cruelty. Police claimed that Jones “was unintentionally struck and eliminated” by stray …
Unique Report: Police Relations, Innovation and the Media
And many viral videos asserting police cruelty are popping up. … Champaign Cops Training Sargent Geoffery Coon says, “It’s been somewhat more …
Clinton highlights gun violence, cops cruelty in Chicago
Clinton’s remarks took advantage of themes of gun violence and cops misbehavior– both which have haunted the city, particularly in the last year.See all stories on this topic Chicago authorities to launch officer shooting videos within 2-3 mos as mayor caves to press The policy change came virtually instantly after the Chicago Police … of the McDonald shooting, as well as a number of other high-profile police brutality

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