Published on June 12, 2017

When Did DePuy Know their Pinnacle Hip Was Defective?

When Did MoM Hip Manufacturer DePuy Know their Product Was Defective?

Involving a similar product that has yet to be recalled, the bellwether trial ascertained that DePuy and Johnson & Johnson marketed the Pinnacle replacement hip as a high stability, low-wear implant that could be used with a metal liner, yet they did …

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Plaintiffs Lawyer Lanier Makes Tit-for-Tat Attack in $500M Hip Implant Appeal

The verdict at issue came in the second bellwether trial over the Pinnacle, which has generated more than 9,000 lawsuits alleging the devices caused pain and subsequent removal surgeries.

DePuy won the first verdict in 2014 and has a separate appeal …

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From $20 Million to Fifty Bucks: Could the Same Thing Happen in Texas?

Dallas, TX
A legal showdown is brewing in the state of Texas over that state’s cap on punitive damages.

Texas medical malpractice lawyers representing plaintiffs who saw their $502 million jury award over failed DePuy Pinnacle hip implants reduced to …

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DePuy Pinnacle metal hip failureDePuy Pinnacle metal hip failures continue to make headlines.

According to Johnson and Johnson and its subsidiary DePuy internal documents, U.S. patients were fitted with the controversial metal on metal hip implants despite the companies knowing that …

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DePuy and Johnson & Johnson appeal decision in favor of hip implant recipients

After a weeks-long courtroom battle described in appeal documents as “intensely adversarial,” a jury found in favor of five plaintiffs who had received DePuy’s Pinnacle hip implant, which uses a metal-on-metal design.

According to the plaintiff’s cross …

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DePuy Knew of Metal Hip Implant Risks in 1995

Nearly 10,000 lawsuits have been filed by people who were injured by the DePuy Pinnacle, an all-metal hip implant that was not recalled.

Last year, DePuy was hit with an eye-popping $1 billion jury verdict to six people who were injured.

Another jury …

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Johnson & Johnson seeks new trials after $1B Pinnacle hip implant loss

DePuy also claimed that it’s entitled to new trials “because plaintiffs injected an enormous amount of unfairly prejudicial evidence into this trial – all of which should have been excluded under any fair reading of the Federal Rules of Evidence and …

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Lessons Emerging from Pinnacle Hip Bellwether Trials

In a staggering verdict, a Texas jury recently awarded over $1 billion against Johnson & Johnson (“J&J”) and its subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics Inc. (“DePuy”) (collectively referred to as “Defendants”) to six California plaintiffs who claimed the …

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