What Are the Most Common Types of Truck Accident Cases?

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Let’s talk about these giants we see on the roads daily. Aren’t they just huge? It’s bad enough that there are so many car accidents, but nowadays, these trucks are causing more mishaps than we could think of.

Sometimes they can be as heavy as 80,000 pounds and 65 feet long, and then imagine how much pain a single truck accident can cause, especially on a heavy traffic day. You can come across many types of truck accidents, which are discussed in detail in this article. So keep on reading!

What Is Causing These Accidents?

Big rig truck accidents are common now; this is because there are many rules and regulations that the truck drivers neglect and ignore the common practices that a responsible and sensible truck driver should follow. Following are stated some of the rules they neglect which cause these devastating accidents:


Trucks need to maintain a large gap between them and the other vehicle. When a truck needs to slow down or stop, they need sufficient distance and period because the inertial forces, in this case, are quite powerful, and the truck can collide with another vehicle easily.

Distracted Big Rig Driver

It’s already a risk for a car driver to text or talk on the phone while driving, but this is a big NO-NO! Operating such a big vehicle is already a hard enough job; why make it even harder with your phone usage?

Drunk Driving

No explanation is required for this. Not only a truck but don’t drive anything if you’re drunk because you are compromising everyone’s safety around you.

Driving With Aggression

Some drivers are too emotional and hot-headed to handle a big rig truck. If some other driver overtakes them, they become aggressive and try to do the same; this ends most of the time badly and is never a rational choice.

Too Much Cargo

According to the law, there is a certain amount of cargo that you can load in a truck because the heavier the truck is, the more difficult it becomes to control the vehicle and big rig truck accidents. Even an extra pound more is a violation of the law.

Defective Components

Ensure all the brakes, tires, and systems are properly functioning before starting your journey because even a small defect can cause many people to lose their lives.

Types of Truck Accidents

As a daily driver or traveler, you will tend to see big rig trucks on the roads and the highways daily. These trucks may just be another big-sized vehicle for you, but they play an important role in boosting the country’s economy.

The cargo that it carries has so many goods required to fulfill the growing population’s needs and essentials for human survival. Trucks are a big part of our daily lives, but they still pose a threat on the roads because truck drivers neglect many rules and ignore the safety regulations that have caused many big truck accidents in the past 3-4 decades.

Below are the most common big rig truck accidents that occur:

1.    Jackknife

A jackknife accident happens when a truck travels at high speed and hits the brakes suddenly without slowing down first, causing the truck to fold at a 90-degree angle and sweep away all the things that come in its way. The trailer’s weight is so much that it moves forward and may even break away from the cab.

2.    Wide Turn

A wide turn is when a driver steers and makes a right turn. This can sometimes become problematic because steering a truck is No Joke! It’s a complicated technique that becomes even more hectic with heavy traffic at the rear end because the passengers can easily get trapped, disturbing the pedestrians.

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