Wells Fargo: A Lawsuit That Deserves Public Outrage

This is just one more example¬†that proves these “too big to fail” banks need to fall under major government oversight with someone like Sen Trey Gowdy breathing down their necks and then get whittled down to size so they can safely be put out of business for pulling these types of unethical and illegal antics – just like any other business would.

Wells Fargo Asks Court to Force Customers to Arbitration in Fake Accounts Cases

https://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/24/business/wells-fargo-asks-court-to-force-customers-to-arbitration-in-fake-accounts-cases.htmlWells Fargo want to make customers suing the bank over fake accounts opened in their names resolve their disputes in arbitration instead of in court. … The motion, filed in the United States District Court in Utah on Wednesday, is in response to the …

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Wells Fargo tries to kill fake account lawsuit

Still, angry politicians have asked Wells Fargo to waive this arbitration clause for customers claiming to have been hurt by the fake accounts. The scandal sparked a national outrage, congressional hearings, countless investigations and the sudden …

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