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California Supreme Court ruling in medical negligence cases will have far reaching effect FRANCISCO — A recent California Supreme Court court ruling has broken new ground when it comes to the interpretation of the statute of limitations regarding medical negligence lawsuits.

The California Supreme Court ruled in the case of Flores v …

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Understanding damages in a medical malpractice case

There are four requirements for a medical malpractice action: duty, departure, proximate cause and damages. The first arises from the doctor-patient relationship and the second and third address how a failure to adhere to the Standard of Care caused the …

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Is Money The ONLY Way To Settle a Medical Malpractice Claim?

One way in which physicians can respond to a medical error is to apologize. Apologies—statements that acknowledge an error and its consequences, take responsibility, and communicate regret for having caused harm—can decrease blame, decrease anger, increase trust, and improve relationships. Importantly, apologies also have the potential to decrease the risk of a medical malpractice lawsuit and can help settle claims by patients.

Patients indicate they want and expect explanations and apologies after medical errors and physicians indicate they want to apologize. However, in practice, physicians tend to provide minimal information to patients after medical errors and infrequently offer complete apologies. Although fears about potential litigation are the most commonly cited barrier to apologizing after medical error, the link between litigation risk and the practice of disclosure and apology is tenuous.

Other barriers might include the culture of medicine and the inherent psychological difficulties in facing one’s mistakes and apologizing for them. Despite these barriers, incorporating apology into conversations between physicians and patients can address the needs of both parties and can play a role in the effective resolution of disputes related to medical error.

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Consumer Studies Undermine Arguments for Medical Malpractice Tort Reform in Obamacare Replacement Bills

Americans for Insurance Reform (AIR), a project of the Center for Justice & Democracy representing a large coalition of public interest groups, today published two major new studies of the medical …

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Judge awards max to woman, 24, after hysterectomy federal judge awarded a 24-year-old woman the maximum amount permitted under West Virginia’s medical malpractice laws after finding that a Beckley doctor who removed the woman’s uterus acted in reckless disregard of her safety. U. S. District Judge …

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Should I File for Medical Malpractice? What You Should Know

The specific laws governing a medical malpractice suit vary from state to state, so you will need to find out what qualifies in your state. Generally, however, the terms that must be met for a suit of this kind include: Many states have specific laws …

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$20M settlement for lawyer’s stroke

A former Chicago attorney who experiences severe memory loss after suffering a stroke at work has settled his lawsuit for $20 …

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Husband and wife accuse Advocate Christ Medical Center, others of medical malpractice — A husband and wife are suing Collette Major, M.D., Mosijola Ogunbuyide, C.R.N.A., Midwest Anesthesiologists, Ltd, and Advocate Christ Medical Center, citing alleged insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries and negligence, leaving …

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Long Beach Mother Claims Malpractice After Misdiagnosis

A Long Beach mother is claiming medical malpractice after she says doctors misdiagnosed symptoms of her young son who had a penny lodged in his …

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