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Published on April 3, 2018

UPDATE: Excessive Force Lawsuits Around the Country

Atlantic City police officer facing excessive-force lawsuit

A city police officer has found himself embroiled in an excessive-force case that threatens to dig up past abuse allegations and hold the city liable for not checking officers flagged by an early warning system for excessive force.

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Colorado Lawsuit Alleges ‘Willfill and Wanton Excessive’ Force Caused Inmate’s Death

A lawsuit filed in Denver on Tuesday alleges that a 41-year-old male was fatally beat in a local jail by its deputies after he reportedly yelled and flipped them off.

Rodney Jaramillo says that deputies at the Pueblo County Jail used “excessive force …

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City of Chico denies allegations in Desmond Phillips lawsuit

The city of Chico has denied allegations in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of Desmond … Alex Fliehr and Jared Cumber denied allegations of negligence and excessive force in Phillips’ shooting death.

The city and the Phillips …

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Appeals court reverses district judge in fatal 2013 W.Va. police-shooting case

reversed Chief U.S. District Judge Gina Groh’s decision to grant summary judgement in favor of the city and remanded the $200 million lawsuit by Jones’ estate … still find that the officers exercised excessive force.”

“Most critically, it is not clear …

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Video shows Cuyahoga County jail guard using excessive force on female inmate

Cuyahoga County released the video hours after a judge ruled in cleveland.com’s favor in a public records lawsuit.

Corporal Brendan Johnson …

The internal investigation found Johnson used excessive force in both incidents, but an arbitrator overturned …

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Judge dismisses federal lawsuit against Jonesborough mayor and others

Last week, the federal court also granted Peace’s request to be given immunity to charges that he made an unlawful arrest, used excessive force and engaged in malicious prosecution.

That portion of the lawsuit was also dismissed by the judge with prejudice.

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Secret NYPD Files: Officers Can Lie And Brutally Beat People — And Still Keep Their Jobs

Their lawsuit against the department is ongoing … such as stealing property, false arrest, or excessive force, can fight the charges.

With little outside scrutiny, some officers told BuzzFeed News the internal trials are merely a “kangaroo court …

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Ex-Ranger Ordered to Pay Judgment for Excessive Force Case


A federal judge has ordered a former U.S. Forest Service ranger to pay nearly $600,000 to a disabled Army veteran and another camper for violating their civil rights by using excessive force during their 2014 arrests in mountains …

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Ex-inmate sues Erie County over use of force at prison

A federal lawsuit claims that an Erie County Prison inmate suffered … ruptured eye socket and numerous cuts and abrasions” as a result of “excessive force” used by corrections officers at the prison.

“There is a widespread custom and well-settled …

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Schenectady Council to vote on excessive force settlement


City Council members will vote on whether to settle an excessive-force lawsuit during the council’s committee meetings on Tuesday.

Independent Councilman Vince Riggi, chair of the council’s Claims Committee, confirmed council members …

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Deaf man paid $175,000 in taxpayer funds to settle claims Oklahoma troopers used excessive force during traffic stop

Pearson, now 68, of Edmond, claimed three troopers “used unnecessary, unprovoked and excessive force” when he was unable to communicate or follow verbal commands, according to the lawsuit.

An Oklahoma City federal judge approved the settlement in January.

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