Unusual cases part 5: Don’t put your feet on the dashboard

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The Daily Mail reported a woman in Wales had her feet on the dashboard when the car she was riding in was involved in a motor vehicle crash.

When the airbag deployed, she suffered the injuries seen in the x-ray.

Her right femur was dislocated and protruding through the skin of her medial thigh. Her left femur was also broken. The police sergeant who released the photo called the injuries “horrific.” Other stories said authorities used the term “life changing.”

In Ireland, a woman had her feet on the dashboard when the car her boyfriend was driving skidded and struck a wall.

The airbag pushed her knees back which broke nearly every bone in her face and caused a cerebrospinal fluid leak.

A few months after the injury, her infected frontal bone became infected and had to be removed resulting in the what you see.

And wear your seat belt. A ceramic prosthesis was inserted 2 years later. A total of 16 operations were required to repair all of the damage.

Bottom line: Don’t put your feet on the dashboard.

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