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Published on June 8, 2016

Uber Settles Driver Lawsuit for $100M

Uber Settles Driver Lawsuit for $100M
Uber might have simply evaded the greatest bullet targeted at its disruptive, ride-sharing business model. In an enormous settlement revealed last night, Uber will pay up to $100 million to drivers who sued the company in an effort to be thought about employees. In return, drivers agreed to remain independent professionals. While this may seem like a difference in name only, the legal status of Uber’s workforce has an enormous mathematical impact on Uber’s bottom line. The settlement had been a very long time com
Spotify Settles Licensing Conflict for $30M
Repairing the Past Uncompensated NMPA members will have the ability to choose in to take part in the dispensation of somewhere in between $16 and $25 million, depending upon the number of publishers come forward with claims. Publishers will be required to supply proof of ownership for unsettled and unmatched songs. Furthermore, as Signboard magazine reported, “publishers will get additional payment based on each publisher’s estimated market share as computed by the NMPA, from the $5 million penalty pool.” While the
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Caution: Hazardous Stimulant Found in 14 Dietary Supplements
Fourteen dietary supplements on the market include a stimulant prohibited by significant sports organizations and understood to be unsafe, according to Food Security News. Usage of the stimulant oxilofrine is supposedly declined by the World Anti-Doping Firm, Big league Baseball, the National Football League and others, yet it is available for widespread intake in food supplements. The US Fda (FDA) this month sent cautions to seven business producing 14 different dietary
Leading 7 Car Accident Liability Questions
It’s the very first and most significant concern after a car accident: Whose fault was it? Due to the fact that identifying who triggered an automobile accident will frequently identify who will be legitimately liable to spend for the damage and any injuries. Sometimes, deciding who’s accountable for a car accident is very simple: someone was tailgating; that person ran a red light; she was looking at her cellular phone. Other times, finding out who’s at fault is a little bit harder. Here are 7 of the most typical questions relating to car acci
Do Alcohol Stores Increase Area Violent Crime?
Liquor shops are hot spots, bring in crime to an area “the way honey attracts flies,” according to Susan Cheever. She is the prize-winning author of a narrative on alcoholism recovery and the daughter of a great American writer whose work checked out the enjoyments and hazards of alcohol thoroughly. Composing in The Repair, an addiction healing publication, Susan Cheever examined researches from around the US and the world, concluding that there is a direct link between an alcohol shop in a neigh

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