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Published on January 11, 2016

Trial of Baltimore police office Goodson delayed

Trial of Baltimore cops office Goodson postponed
The trial of Caesar R. Goodson Jr., among 6 Baltimore law enforcement officer … His death stimulated numerous weeks of presentations versus police brutality, …
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This story is prompted by a picket sign I saw at a current anti-police brutality protest sponsored by two San Francisco households, one Latino and one Black …
Viewpoint: Respectability reduces character
Respectability politics will not conserve black people from police brutality and … “I love what the cops do for our society, I enjoy the idea of it, to serve and …
Uganda: Week of Frustration As Mbabazi Visits Karamoja
He likewise pledged to put an end on cops cruelty. From Boma, the Move forward candidate made a number of stopovers prior to concluding the day at Binyin …

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