Published on November 29, 2016

Things To Know About IVC Filter Lawsuits

 Things to Know About IVC Filter Lawsuits

IVC Filter lawsuits deal with the failure of IVC devices. The manufacturing company failed to warn physicians as well as patients about the side effects of these devices.

Risks of breaking of filters and movements of metal fragments through the blood that …

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TriMark Legal Funding LLC offers lawsuit loans on IVC filter cases. In order to qualify for funding, plaintiffs must meet both of the following requirements:

  1. Must have migration, broken stem or perforation of filter into artery, vein or organ
  2. Complaint must be filed

Innovative Techniques for Safe Removal of Blood Clot Filters

The chance of complications increases the longer the filter has been in place. Blood clot filters, also known as inferior vena cava (IVC) filters, potentially are dangerous and require specialized techniques to remove them. Rush team traps, covers …

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What is the evidence behind the IVC filter?

At baseline, patients underwent ventilation-perfusion scanning (VQ scan) with invasive pulmonary angiography “strongly recommended” as well. Imaging was repeated at 12 days in all patients, and additionally whenever there was a suspicion for a new …

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Lawsuits for IVC Filter Fracture and Migration

The lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk are now investigating potential Bard Recovery IVC filter lawsuits and Bard G2 IVC filter lawsuits for individuals who have experienced a fracture or migration of an inferior vena cava (IVC) filter that was implanted to prevent …

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Pioneers in IVC filter removal

Interventional radiologists at Rush University Medical Center have pioneered methods to remove filters that previously couldn’t be removed for various reasons. Some of the newest pioneered techniques are published in the November issue of the Journal …

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FDA Warns of Problems with Blood Clot IVC Filters

After receiving more than 900 reports of problems with IVC filters over the last five … 921 adverse event reports involving problems with IVC filters implanted. Of those, 328 involved the filter breaking free and migrating through the body, 146 involved …

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IVC Filter Lawsuit & Medical Issues – Current Facts & Help

The IVC Filter lawsuits state the manufacturers of the IVC blood clot devices failed to warn patients and physicians of the increased risks of the filters breaking, and metal fragments moving through the blood, potentially damaging an organ.

Additionally …

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IVC Blood Clot Filter Problems and FAQs

If you suffer from a high risk of blood clotting due to surgery or an accident, an inferior vena cava filter or IVC filter can save your life. But in most cases, IVC filters are only supposed to be temporary fixes: the Food and Drug Administration has …

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Cook IVC Filter Lawsuit Heading to MDL Centralization

The U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, earlier this week, considered the application for all Cook Celect and Gunther Tulip IVC filter lawsuits filed nationwide in U.S. District Courts. The application was brought by the plaintiffs and they …

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More to IVC Filter Failure Than Meets the Eye

Several issues can be at play with regard to IVC filter failure, and the oft-resulting IVC filter lawsuit which claims, invariably, that IVC filters have failed …

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Patient Has IVC Filter Removed After 18 Years, Others Not So Lucky

Susan Karnstedt’s story is somewhat unique, given her age when a blood clot (deep vein thrombosis, or DVT) reared its ugly head in the then-24 year old.

It proved life-threatening. To save her life, doctors implanted what was at the time …

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