Published on February 4, 2016

The NFL’s Next Play: Address Brain Trauma or Fade Away

The NFL’s Next Play: Address Brain Injury or Fade Away
If the NFL cannot successfully handle the concussion concern, it may follow the very same arc as boxing. That would be a shame. I have had a love affair with …
CTE in the NFL: The Tragedy of Fred McNeill
Pulled directly from the front page of CNN
Previous NFL MVP QB died in July
“We’ve now discovered CTE in previous NFL players who played every position other than … According to Chris Nowinski, the founder of the Concussion Legacy …
NFL concussions Autopsy reveals Stabler had CTE
Former Oakland Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler, the late NFL MVP and Super Bowl winner who is a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Popularity, has …
Previous NFL QB Ken Stabler had brain illness CTE
The NFL and football in general have actually focused on the impacts of concussion recently. The issue was dramatically provided to the general public in the motion picture …

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