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Published on November 26, 2016

The New MDL? Does Baby Powder Cause Ovarian Cancer?

Is Baby Powder Really Causing Ovarian Cancer?, there are over 1,700 state and federal lawsuits alleging that Johnson & Johnson failed to warn the public of research linking talc-containing powders to ovarian cancer.

“We deeply sympathize with the women and families impacted by ovarian …

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FDA Discusses Research Linking Talcum Powder And Cancer As Lawsuit Numbers Climb

According to the FDA’s science and research page, studies done on rats to evaluate the danger of talcum powder on female genitalia resulted in unfavorable effects.

“However,” the page said, “these effects seemed to be in the form of foreign body …

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Researchers Use Nanohydrogel To Fight Ovarian Tumors As Talcum Powder Lawsuit Number Climb

The disease has been particularly troubling to a near 2,000 women who have opted to file lawsuits against companies such as Johnson & Johnson alleging that their ovarian cancer is a result of using their talcum powder products. These plaintiffs state …

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Baby Powder Lawsuit In Philadelphia May Proceed & Johnson faces thousands of baby powder lawsuits across the country. Currently, cases are being consolidated in various courts, including litigations in New Jersey and Missouri and a coordinated docket in California. Recently added to …

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More Baby Powder Lawsuits Filed After October Verdict its third loss in the baby powder litigation so far this year, healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vowed to appeal all three verdicts and continue to fight other baby powder cancer lawsuits.

The company now faces four more lawsuits from …

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Hansville woman joins lawsuit on danger of baby powder — A Hansville woman is among four who filed a lawsuit Thursday against Johnson & Johnson, claiming the company knew its baby powder was linked to ovarian cancer but didn’t warn them. Annalisa Woltersdorf, 47, was joined by two other …

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Asbestos in Talcum Powder—Mesothelioma Verdicts Delivering Substantial Awards

The problems these talc companies are facing are not limited merely to public disdain or regulatory pressure. They are facing a variety of mesothelioma-related lawsuits due to the asbestos content in their talc products. In fact, just in the past …

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Washington and Oregon women file lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson after baby powder linked to cancer – Families in Washington and Oregon filed lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson Thursday saying the company knew its baby powder was linked to ovarian cancer but never warned them. Four women were diagnosed with ovarian cancer after the …

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Victims Speak: Newest Plaintiff In Talcum Powder Lawsuit Talks About Her Diagnosis With Cancer

The California woman was recently awarded the money after she filed a lawsuit claiming Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder was responsible for the development of her ovarian cancer.

It was the third big verdict awarded by a St. Louis jury against Johnson …

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J&J Hopes to Reverse Baby Powder Lawsuits a $67.5 million jury verdict against Johnson & Johnson on Oct. 27 marked its third straight trial defeat in an onslaught of lawsuits claiming its talc-based products cause ovarian cancer, the company is hoping to reverse the trend by having the …

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Johnson & Johnson Pushes for Quick MDL Bellwether Process for Baby Powder and Shower-to-Shower Lawsuits

Parties involved in federal talcum powder lawsuits are scheduled to meet today with the U.S. District Judge recently assigned to preside over the litigation, as Johnson & Johnson calls for the court to move quickly in setting up a bellwether trial process …

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