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Published on June 14, 2017

The Never-Ending Tale of Police Brutality and Excessive Force

FOI Hearing Officer: Enfield Broke Law By Withholding Settlements In Brutality Cases

Video from Enfield police cruiser dashboard cams of the arrest of Mark Maher, who has filed a police brutality complaint.

It shows exchange between Maher and the Enfield officers, including officer Matthew Worden.

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Fort Worth mother says police officer made her feel ‘worthless as a parent’

Martin was suspended after the incident because he failed to check on Craig’s son upon arrival at the scene and because he used excessive force during the arrests, Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald testified Tuesday.

Fitzgerald said Martin was “definitely …

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Police brutality victim will not receive award money from Baltimore, appeals court rules

The Maryland Court of Special Appeals has ruled against allowing a police brutality victim to collect damages from the city of Baltimore.

The decision, filed on June 1 by Judge Michael Reed, expressed that municipal …

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​Another police brutality victim speaks up

“The MP’s committee called the police to sort out the disturbance by this individual,” says Jack Rau.

“Unaware that the policemen were already contacted, Avara left in the vehicle belonging to the guy who was yelling abusive comments towards the MP.”

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Attorney: Will ask troopers for probe after jury finds excessive force by Clarksburg Police

A Harrison County attorney said he will ask State Police to open an unlawful assault investigation in a case in which a civil jury recently found Clarksburg police used excessive force against his client in 2013.

Attorney Tim Gentilozzi …

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Protecting Black Kids From Police Brutality

Talking to Black kids about police is a hard task, there are lots of articles and studies on this topic but still no absolute answer.

Why is this so difficult and why are black kids being singled out for this lesson?

It’s real simple kids: Talk to police calmly and with respect. Respect the office and the authority that the police represent. Thank them for their service. Don’t insult them. Don’t yell at them. Don’t shoot at them. Don’t throw things at them. Don’t call them names. Don’t swear at them. Don’t resist arrest. Don’t run away from the police. Don’t riot. Don’t destroy property. Don’t threaten police with violence. Don’t cheer when police get killed in the line of duty. These are all common sense things that white people have been using for years and guess what? They work.

This conversation is so difficult that mother, former social worker and a Nashville, Tennessee, native Sanya Gragg …

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Jersey City addresses two cases of alleged police brutality in two weeks

As Jersey City, N.J., officials are expected to pay $45,000 to settle a 2012 federal lawsuit involving police violence on June 14, a new case alleging police violence erupted in the city on June 7.

Security professional Michael Wheeler had accused …

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Jersey City to pay $45K to settle police brutality claim

A man who accused Jersey City cops of beating him during a 2011 party on Martin Luther King Drive is set to receive $45,000 to drop his federal lawsuit against the city.

Michael Wheeler was arrested after police officers responded to the …

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Federal lawsuit seeks to force court oversight of Chicago police reform

About 15 lawyers from Chicago and New York filed the lawsuit Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Chicago on behalf of six African-American plaintiffs who allege they were victims of excessive force and other abuses at the hands of Chicago police.

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Jury rules in favor of LRPD officer in excessive force lawsuit

A federal jury ruled in favor of former LRPD Lt. David Hudson on Wednesday afternoon.

The jury deliberated for an hour and a half and decided …

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Dothan man claims he’s a target of false arrests, police brutality

Nearly a month after Dothan resident Sam Tew was allegedly assaulted and injured by Dothan police officers while attempting to attend a Dothan City Commission meeting, Tew and Montgomery-based attorney Julian McPhillips called for financial …

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Fort Worth police officer to appeal excessive force ruling at hearing

In this December file image from Fort Worth police officer William Martin’s bodycam, Martin pushes Jacqueline Craig down with a stun gun.

A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday on Martin’s appeal of a 10-day suspension for using excessive force in the …

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