The Future of Legal Journalism is Here

The potential of legal journalism is here and future has arrived in the shape of, according to Bob Ambrogi, its Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, fixing a standing room only crowd of about hundred and fifty in Chicago last Thursday evening.

Over 22,000 legal bloggers at the @LexBlog network. By far the largest newsroom on the history of legal journalism.
— Ed Walters (@EJWalters) March 1, 2019

Ambrogi always wanted to become a journalist. The difficulty was that the year that he began journalism school was the exact identical season since Watergate — and Woodward and Bernstein. Everybody and his brother wanted to become a journalist.   To his surprise, Ambrogi’s application letters into the New York Times and the Washington Post went unanswered.

Future of legal journalismJust like other industries though, the Internet presented new avenues for reporting.

You can see the pride within this veteran journalist when he informed the audience there were already 22,000 legal bloggers leading to LexBlog – with a profile page for the site, blogger and business for everyone of them.

Other alternatives such as Lexology and JD Supra demand terrorists and publishers (the attorneys ) to cover to conduct and circulate their coverage. Distasteful into a reporter in mind such as Ambrogi, and preventing legal reporting for attorneys who do not have the money to pay for flow.

Even though Ambrogi practiced law for a couple of decades, he followed his passion for journalism to launch the book, Lawyers Weekly.

However there was no where pulled all of this content from law sites together. No where to find the sites, the bloggers and these own organizations.


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