Workplace discrimination and retaliation plague Wyoming National Guard

If the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s decisions and the testimony of multiple women are any indication, the Wyoming National Guard has a problem.

Over the last decade the EEOC – the federal authority charged with investigating employer discrimination – has put the Wyoming National Guard on notice three times for workplace hostility, including the mishandling of sexual harassment.

Whistleblowers say the documented complaints are only the tip of the iceberg and that rather than address the problem, the guard continues to find ways to delay or dodge the need to change.

In August, Rachel Bennett and Jennifer Rigg – two former guard employees – spoke out about their experiences at state Capitol news conferences. For years, they both worked through official channels to address the workplace discrimination they say they faced, but after hitting dead end after dead end, they’re now calling on state leaders for help. They’re not alone in their concern that the guard is failing to protect victims of workplace hostility.