Alcohol at work: What you should know before offering this perk

With return to the workplace plans well underway, some employers are adding extra perks to make the office as appealing as possible for fans of remote work.

Companies have added things like schedule flexibility, new health benefits, casual dress codes — and even are allowing workers to bring pets into the office.

But another one of those new perks, according to the Wall Street Journal, is allowing alcohol at work.

Employers embracing booze
While not an entirely new concept, alcohol at work has been growing in popularity lately. Here are a few companies that encourage drinking:

Yelp – Employees can help themselves to beer as long as they track their drinks through an app, which logs how much they drink and when.
Trello – It’s

Is Asking a Co-Worker on a Date Sexual Harassment?

With the recent focus on the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment, many employees may be questioning their own judgment when it comes to interactions with co-workers. It is not always easy to discern the difference between sincere communication with good intentions, and unlawful sexual harassment.

And no one wants to end up with a sexual harassment lawsuit or accused of sexual misconduct, so a brief refresher is in order.

It is probably not sexual harassment if you ask a colleague out on a date. In fact, a study from the popular job site CareerBuilder found that nearly 40 percent of participants have dated a co-worker, and 31 percent ended up marrying someone with whom they worked.

However, not all employees take no for an answer