Road rage in 2021

The rise of COVID-19 cases isn’t the only growing problem in the Houston area — road rage incidents have been taking a toll on local authorities and making roads dangerous for many.

From January through April this year, law enforcement agencies reported 107 road rage crashes in Harris County, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. Road rage at this point is synonymous with Houston traffic.

To an average person, it would be easy to assume that there are a bunch of people in Houston who have just flat-out lost their damn minds. What is with all the road rage?

Just this year alone, there have been more than a dozen road rage incidents, including deadly cases. Here are some of the incidents KPRC 2 has reported on so far in 2021:

Teen injured on Jan. 8, 2021, during road rage incident
Man charged in Harris County road rage shooting on Sam Houston Tollway
1 wounded, 1 charged as road rage shootings continue to rise in Houston
Child shot in head during possible road rage incident in west Harris County
HPD: Woman shot, killed in suspected road rage incident in northwest Houston
Driver crashes into Spring home during road rage incident
Man charged after 11-year-old girl injured in road rage shooting in Tomball
40-year-old man shot in hip during road rage incident in northwest Harris County