Man Exonerated In Malcolm X Murder Sues New York State

Muhammad Aziz, one of two men recently exonerated for the 1965 assassination of Malcolm X, sued New York State and plans to file a suit against New York City, The New York Times reported.

His claim against the state seeks at least $20 million in damages, “a modicum of compensation for the destruction wrought by this grievous miscarriage of justice,” the lawsuit stated, citing the damage that the wrongful conviction inflicted on Aziz’s mental health, reputation and relationships.

According to the Times, his legal team notified New York City that they plan to file a $40 million civil rights suit against the city as well if a settlement isn’t reached.

Man Exonerated in Malcolm X Murder Files Lawsuit Against New York State

Muhammad A. Aziz filed the claim on Tuesday, along with a notice seeking a settlement with the city, for the toll that being “unjustly branded as a convicted murderer” for 55 years took on his life.

Standing in a Manhattan courtroom last month, Muhammad A. Aziz lamented the miscarriage of justice that had wrongly labeled him one of Malcolm X’s killers for more than five decades.

Now, Mr. Aziz — one of two men exonerated in the assassination of one of the most influential Black leaders of the civil rights era — has filed a claim against New York State for at least $20 million in damages, citing the toll that being “unjustly branded as a convicted murderer” inflicted on his mental well-being, public reputation and personal relationships.

His lawyers have also notified New York City that he intends to file a $40 million civil rights lawsuit against the city in 90 days if an agreement is not reached before that date.

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