Published on March 23, 2017

So Trump Was Actually Right About Wiretapping Claims?

The Devin Nunes/Trump/wiretapping controversy

The raw intelligence that Nunes reviewed showed no evidence of a wiretap on Trump.

Rather, it showed that the conversations had been intercepted incidentally under a court-ordered FISA warrant.

In the non-spun version of plain English, that means Trump was right …

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Trump is quite sure he was right about wiretapping

We know hurling insults at the sitting president isn’t the most constructive use of anyone’s time, but when we call Trump a toddler or childish, it’s not just because he often appears to have given up on holding his breath until someone gives him what …

Developing story here

Wiretap: A new front opens on Trump wiretap story, but did it bring us any closer to the truth? bizarre Trump wiretap story just got a little crazier.

Republican Devin Nunes, chairman of a House permanent subcommittee on intelligence, says he learned that U.S. intelligence agencies had inadvertently intercepted communications involving the …

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