Published on May 13, 2015

Sexual harassment in the workplace

Feds interviewing Berkeley school officials in sexual harassment grievance
BERKELEY– Federal investigators are speaking with personnel and administrators about sexual harassment at Berkeley High School following the discovery …

Former employee implicates attorney of sexual harassment
Throughout alleged ” investigation, ‘ defendant Anspach Law ‘ s main running workplace informed witnesses they would be disciplined if the sexual harassment …
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Pell City teacher charged with sexual contact with student
On April 30, Ashli Gilley, a 32-year-old teacher at Williams Middle school, was accused of sexual misbehavior involving a student. She has …
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Pell City teacher turns self in for sexual misconduct
Gilley is being investigated for sexual misbehavior with a Pell City High School student. The offense did not happen at the school where Gilley taught, did …
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Williams Intermediate instructor in Pell City accused of sexual misconduct with a student
On Wednesday, Pell City school resource officers and detectives started an examination into sexual misconduct between Gilley and a Pell City High …
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Canadian military is ‘hostile’ to women, gays:
According to Deschamps, the military have to “resolve not just more significant incidents of sexual harassment and assault, but likewise low-level sexual …
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