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Published on December 10, 2016

Removing The Unremovable: Hope For IVC Filter Patients

Hope For Patients With IVC Filter? team of radiologists in Chicago say they have developed a way to remove inferior vena cava filters that is 100 percent successful, even in removing filters that were previously considered irretrievable.

The news might provide hope to patients who …

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4 Things to Know About IVC Filter Lawsuits

IVC Filter lawsuits deal with the failure of IVC devices.

The manufacturing company failed to warn physicians as well as patients about the side effects of these devices.

Risks of breaking of filters and movements of metal fragments through the blood that …

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IVC Blood Filter Plaintiffs Multiply: Should You Jump On The Bandwagon Too?

IVC = Inferior vena cava filter.

These relatively commonly implanted medical devices have stirred up much controversy, and a bunch of lawsuits, and critics of the filters are increasingly asking if they are effective at all.

So if you have an …

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More to IVC Filter Failure Than Meets the Eye

Concerns have emerged that the risk for IVC filter complication increased the longer a retrievable inferior vena cava filter remained in the body.

The article, “When Temporary IVC Filters Become Permanent”, also noted that attempts at …

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Requiem for IVC Filters: Not so Fast I’m going to speak about the use of inferior vena cava (IVC) filters in the management of pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

IVC filters have a long history of waxing and waning popularity.

I think, at the moment, the use of IVC …

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Pioneers in IVC filter removal

Most filters — whether for water or a furnace — eventually need to be removed or replaced to avoid complications.

Blood clot filters, which are implanted in the veins of people at risk of developing blood clots in their legs, are no different and require a similar …

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Patient Has IVC Filter Removed After 18 Years

The IVC filter, one of the original ‘permanent’ filters, had been in place for some 18 years.

Kuo managed to remove it.

Since then, there has been a litany of litigation as well as dialogue about the dangers of leaving even permanent filters in place …

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