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Published on November 26, 2016

President-Elect Donald J Trump And The New Supreme Court

Now that the election has ended and Donald J Trump is the new President-Elect, speculation is swirling and liberals and democrats are scrambling over who he might nominate to fill the currently unoccupied seat on the US Supreme Court, and who he might have in mind to fill the next likely vacancies.

Trump high court could threaten public employee unions’ cash flow the issue remains alive in other cases that could reach the Supreme Court within a year. Trump, who has promised to appoint justices in the mold of Scalia, said during his presidential campaign that he liked “right-to-work” laws, which would make …

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For someone who spent 16 months talking about and campaigning on a jobs and economic rejuvenation platform, it seems like the people shouting about how Trump’s election is “an extinction-level event for American labor” just weren’t paying attention:

Trump may need Roberts’ vote when Supreme Court takes cases

Roberts and the rest of the Supreme Court probably will be called on to review Trump’s major undertakings as president. Trump could need Roberts’ vote on matters ranging from immigration to health care to environmental regulations. Will it matter that …

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Obama Must Save the Courts to Save America From Trump the 2014 case of NLRB v. Canning (PDF), the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 that the practice was constitutional, and that pro forma sessions did, in fact, prevent President Obama from making recess appointments. Since then, the Senate has done exactly that …

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The fight to confirm Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee starts now

President-elect Donald Trump has not been sworn in, nor has he said whom he intends to nominate to the Supreme Court once he is inaugurated. But a key activist group is starting to mobilize for the bare-knuckle fight that is sure to follow that nomination …

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Four predictions about President Trump’s Supreme Court of President-elect Donald Trump’s most important decisions will be choosing a Supreme Court nominee to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia. And while Trump has not clearly signaled who he will pick, here are four predictions about the next pick.

This story has a very interesting graphic that lays out just how liberal-leaning or conservative-leaning each of the potential picks are.

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Redrawing the battle lines? Trump’s Supreme Court could make the call next year, the highest court in the land could take all 50 states’ legislative maps, shake them up like an Etch A Sketch and say, “try again.” Of course, that’s only if the U.S. Supreme Court backs up yesterday’s ruling by a federal judicial …

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Trump reportedly has two finalists for the vacant seat on the Supreme Court

According to the National Review’s Tim Alberta, President-elect Donald Trump has settled on two finalists for the vacant seat on the Supreme Court: Judges William Pryor and Diane Sykes. Alberta’s report should be taken with a grain of salt. It is …

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3 Reasons Trump Could Put Cruz on the Supreme Court the list of surprising visitors calling on president-elect Donald Trump last week, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas ranks right up there with alleged Secretary of State …

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Will John Roberts Save the Supreme Court From Donald Trump? Trump’s surprise victory has left Democrats reeling, in alternating states of shock, anger, fear, and devastation. For many progressives, the most grievous loss is the Supreme Court. The expectation is that President Trump, with the help of a …

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The Ideal Trump Supreme Court Pick: An Originalist Who Isn’t A Fan Of Stare Decisions

Following Donald Trump’s election, disappointed Democrats fired off salvoes of red hot rhetoric. Among them was Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon. He was upset that the empty seat on the Supreme Court would not now be filled by a “liberal,” as he and many …

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Donald Trump’s Supreme Court will be a real threat to labor — and that’s going to hurt the Democrats they have done everything in their power to dismantle the ability of unions to organize workers and bargain collectively on their behalf. Now that Trump will have the power to appoint federal judges, especially Supreme Court judges, these efforts to …

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