Published on December 22, 2016

Police use panhandling tactics on distracted drivers

Albany police uses panhandling tactic to curb distracted driving

Albany Police Department used a new tactic to crack down on distracted driving which resulted in almost 40 citations in one day.

The Special Operations Division took to busy streets like Gillionville Road and Slappey Boulevard in plain clothes with …

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JCPD: Distracted driving campaign continuing into 2017; number of fatal car accidents down from last year that number may be slightly higher than last year, police say they have had success with lowering the number of fatal crashes.

Police say they are focusing particularly on distracted driving which is one of the leading causes of accidents in the …

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Drunk, distracted drivers causing highway holiday risks drivers, once the main target, are now part of a list of concerns. That includes drowsy, drugged or distracted drivers.

The use of cell phones has become an increasing widespread problem on the highways, when a hands free device is not connected.

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How can we design cars to reduce distracted driving? have done many posts this year about what has seemed to be the big issue of 2016, distracted walking.

It gets almost as much attention as distracted driving, which is actually a serious issue, because the people doing it are often inside a few …

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Don’t be a distracted driver — Santa’s watching! is getting ready to come the Tennessee Valley — and as you know, we have some naughty people out there who drive distracted.

Help us spread the message this isn’t safe.

Santa knows better, and so should you!

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Opinion: Are distracted drivers driving you nuts? and old, now we drive around suckling on some device to get us to our destinations or just to amuse, mildly distracted from driving skillfully enough to avoid the texting hipster stepping off the curb deafened by ear buds.

Tech companies should …

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The better way to target texting drivers: York Region police ride the bus growing number of Canadian police forces are riding public transit to catch distracted drivers.

“Being on the bus, you have the large windows and being up higher we have a very good vantage point of the drivers and their vehicles,” said Sgt. Aaron …

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