Police Brutality; Come On, Enough Is Enough Already

DAPL Protesters File Police Brutality Lawsuit – Daily Beast

https://www.thedailybeast.com/cheats/2016/11/28/dapl-protesters-file-brutality-lawsuit.htmlThe suit names nine victims of alleged police brutality on the night of November 20.

The victims, four of whom are Native American, say they were peacefully protesting when police turned weapons like grenades and water cannons on them, seriously …

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Viewing viral videos of police brutality carries an unexpected cost

http://www.fayobserver.com/blogs/community/view_from_fsu/viewing-viral-videos-of-police-brutality-carries-an-unexpected-cost/article_02139d3c-b5aa-11e6-9ae8-eff7b0a5089e.htmlIn this age of social media, when a new video of police brutality sprouts, the name and hashtag that accompanies it is likely to be trending and seen everywhere.

However, according to Monnica Williams, clinical psychologist and director of the Center …

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Sen. Cory Booker Calls for DOJ to Investigate Oil Police Brutality

https://trofire.com/2016/11/27/sen-cory-booker-calls-doj-investigate-oil-police-brutality-dakota-access-pipeline/New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is calling on the Department of Justice to open an investigation into the tactics used by police against peaceful water protectors …

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Arrests of Journalists at Standing Rock Test the Boundaries of the First Amendment

https://theintercept.com/2016/11/27/arrests-of-journalists-at-standing-rock-test-the-boundaries-of-the-first-amendment/The arrests of journalists and filmmakers covering the front lines of the Dakota Access pipeline fight highlight the limits of press protections and the central role of police, prosecutor, and court discretion in deciding whether or not members of the …

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‘Black Friday’ protests focus on police brutality, DAPL, retail worker rights

https://www.rt.com/usa/368208-black-friday-protest-nationwide/Protests aimed at attracting public attention to issues ranging from police brutality to retail workers rights started in several US cities on Black Friday, the big shopping day following the Thanksgiving festivities. At least 33 activists were …

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Don’t Shoot Portland protests police brutality on Black Friday

https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2016/11/dont_shoot_portland_protests_p.htmlA Portland activist group is protesting police brutality and raising awareness for Portland’s homeless and other vulnerable communities on Friday.

Members of Don’t Shoot Portland will gather in the Pearl District to honor the 10th anniversary of Jame …

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National Lawyers Guild Confronts Oakland Police Brutality During Early Anti-Trump Protests

https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2016/11/24/18794093.phpWithin hours of the announcement that Trump would be the next president of the United States, protests erupted in Oakland and cities across the country.

The first wave of demonstrations in Oakland occurred daily for nearly a week. During that time …


See for yourself a glimpse of police brutality at Standing Rock

https://grist.org/briefly/see-for-yourself-a-glimpse-of-police-brutality-at-standing-rock/Law enforcement at the Standing Rock Sioux encampment blasted 400 Dakota Access protesters with tear gas, rubber bullets, and water cannons Sunday night as temperatures dipped below freezing. At least 167 protesters were injured, and some were left …

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‘Police brutality’ in Flagstaff punch case

https://www.12news.com/news/local/arizona/maupin-police-brutality-in-flagstaff-punch-case/353928184FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – Rev. Jarrett Maupin is stepping up to defend Marissa Morris after a video surfaced earlier this week of a Flagstaff police officer punching her in the face. Maupin said the encounter only proves police brutality and civil rights …

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Enfield Settles Fourth Police Brutality Lawsuit In Three Months

https://www.courant.com/community/enfield/hc-enfield-council-settles-fourth-police-brutality-lawsuit-1116-20161115-story.htmlWorden, in a police report, wrote that he knew the Trowbridge brothers lived there because he had arrested them there for warrants within two months of the Aug. 31 arrest.

Worden also said he was in “constant contact” with neighbors and providing …

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