Pitbull seized after child bitten on face and skateboarder mauled

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The Village of Sebewaing Police Department seized a 100-pound pitbull named “Lucifer” on Thursday after the pitbull bit a 5-year-old girl on the face and mauled a man riding a skateboard earlier this month.

The girl was playing in the northern portion of town when she was bitten and suffered significant injuries to her face, chin and neck.

Those injuries included deep lacerations to her nose and cheek area and puncture wounds below her chin, with a bite missing her carotid artery by a few centimeters, according to a post made Friday afternoon on the Village of Sebewaing Police Department Facebook page.

The child was taken to a local hospital where she was stabilized and then transferred to a Saginaw hospital for reconstructive surgery due to the extent of her injuries.

The department immediately investigated the incident, and the owner was arrested on a municipal charge of unregistered/unvaccinated dog. The owner was also ordered to license and vaccinate the animal as well as properly contain it.

According to Sebewaing Police Chief Steve Repkie’s social media post, the dog was left chained to a tree in an unfenced yard.

“The neighborhood was living in fear of that dog,” Repkie wrote. “Basically being held hostage in their homes, hoping and praying that this dog did not break loose and injure or kill someone.”

Later this month, a man was skateboarding in the neighborhood when he was knocked to the ground and attacked by the dog, suffering “significant” injuries to his arm. The man was able to twist the dog’s collar to the point where the dog nearly lost consciousness and loosened its grip, allowing the man to escape further injury. He later identified the dog as “Lucifer,” according to the social media post.

Repkie and Officer Matt Kuhl went to the home where the dog resided Thursday morning after obtaining a court order from the Huron County District Court magistrate with the assistance of Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Alexander Pahany, according to the post.

The homeowner refused to bring the animal outside for the officers, who then entered the home and got the dog under control using a snare pole and wrestled it into a cage. The dog was then taken to a secure facility that had agreed to accept it prior to the seizure.

Additional charges are pending against Lucifer’s owner, Repkie wrote.

“Dog ownership is about responsibility,” he wrote. “(If) your dog bites someone, you are civilly liable for the injuries and, as in this case, can be held criminally responsible.”

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