Published on November 27, 2016

Pit Bull Attacks, And Surprise! MORE Pit Bull Attacks

Pit bullIt is utterly amazing that entire cities can pass legislation to outlaw soft drinks or jay-walking, but pretty much everywhere it is still legal for people to own uncontrollable, mentally and emotionally unstable wild animals such as pit bulls, call them pets and allow them, usually unmuzzled and frequently unrestrained, within proximity to people, children, the elderly and other dogs, at which point they will, statistically speaking, often viciously attack totally unprovoked and inflict grievous injuries, permanent disfigurement, mutilations and horrific, painful deaths.

I can just hear all the pit bull owners out there right now barfing up all their same old tired, pathetic excuses: “My pitbull is a sweetheart, he’d never hurt anyone.” That and their penultimate buck-passer of an excuse: “It’s not the dog, it’s the owner”.

Yeah, that’s what ALL pit bull owners say, right up to the part where their dog attacks and maims or kills someone or something completely unprovoked and then they yap like an idiot about how they “never saw it coming”.

Excerpt from

In the 11-year period of 2005 through 2015, canines killed 360 Americans. Pit bulls contributed to 64% (232) of these deaths. Combined, pit bulls and rottweilers contributed to 76% of the total recorded deaths.

The following graph and many other dog bite statistics can be found here.

2015 U.S. Dog Bite Fatalities 
2015 fatal dog attacks by breed

2015 dog bite fatality chart

In 2015, five fatalities involved dogs from two or more different breeds, thus producing a “death credit” total of 41 rather than 34. Six dog breeds each contributed to one death, including: German shepherd-mix, golden retriever-mix, Rhodesian ridgeback-mix, lab-mix, husky and mixed-breed.

News Flash For ALL Pit Bull Owners: It’s NOT the owner dummy! IT’S THE DOG!

There are hundreds of millions of dogs in the world represented by hundreds of different dog breeds (of which all but a handful routinely kill EXACTLY ZERO PEOPLE EACH YEAR). Their owners can all give them the same varying levels of training and affection that pit bull owners give their dogs but guess what? In 2015 in the United States, 91% of the people killed by dogs were killed by only 2 breeds: pit bulls and rottweilers. Only pit bulls and a tiny handful of other vicious dog breeds are notorious for attacking anything and anyone completely unprovoked.

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Pit bull attacks Pasco deputy

Pasco County Sheriff’s Office has responded to a home in Hudson where a man was attacked by a dog.

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Couple frustrated after dog killed by pit bull

A local couple is hurt, frustrated and angry after their dog died following a vicious pit bull attack in the city’s west end. Bruce Eddy took his golden retriever Jasmine, and a young puppy, for a walk in his Hillside Drive neighbourhood early on the …

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Pasco deputy accidentally shoots self during pit bull attack

HUDSON, Fla. (WFLA) – Pasco County Sheriff’s Office has responded …

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Trial set for pit bull attack case

In connection to a July incident in which police say a man was severely injured by two pit bulls, Chris Bouland and Tina Dykes have pleaded not guilty to charges of harboring a vicious animal.

Their attorney, Stephanie Powell of the Murray public …

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Neighbors dog attacked my cat?

Unfortunately, this is the second time in a year my cat has been attacked by this dog and he was not so fortunate the first time. That time he had severe injuries-profuse bleeding and a permanent limp. The pit bull owner came over and actually cussed out …

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Girl recovering from pit bull attack: ‘Am I dead?’

NEWARK, Del. — On the short, quiet street of tidy two-story homes, the only hint of the near-deadly dog attack was a pair of rescuers’ gloves, dropped on the blacktop by the front curb before the ambulance rushed away. Neighbors had seen the family out a …

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Susan Shawl’s Pit Bull-Attack Death Sets Back Breed-Ban Fight

Now, after Conifer resident Susan Shawl was killed in an attack by two terrier-pit mixes owned by her son, he sees the battle stretching even further into the future. “This is the kind of incident that sets us back five or ten years,” Edelstein says.

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Girl bounces back from pit bull attack

Nearly one year after a vicious pit bull attack that left toddler Payton Bronish badly disfigured, the little girl’s parents are giving thanks for the Boston doctors who took on her remarkable case and pieced together her shattered face. “I looked over …

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South AL mother fights to save 5-year-old during pit bull attack

WECTA 5-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital after he was mauled by a dog while playing outside in Coffee County Sunday. According to family members, the dog was chained in the backyard when he attacked the boy. “I’m just glad he didn’t grab him by …

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3 women attacked by pit bull in northern Utah

MILLVILLE, Cache County — Authorities say three women were injured during an attack by a pit bull in the northern Utah city of Millville. The Herald Journal newspaper reports that a 20-year-old woman was attacked by a pit bull Tuesday afternoon while …

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Utah police investigating alleged pit bull attack that injured three women

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Erin Griffith said a 20-year-old Millville woman was walking home Tuesday afternoon when she was confronted by the pit bull and a great dane. The pit bull, she told police, bit her and she screamed for help. A 60-year-old neighbor …

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Why do pit bulls attack?

Easy answer: “Who cares? Just kill them all because they are wild animals masquerading as pets.”

A 2011 study published in the Annals of Surgery analyzed dog-bite injuries over 15-years in San Antonio, and found attacks by pit bulls produce “ higher hospital charges, and a higher risk of death than … attacks by other breeds of dogs,” and that …

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Judi Franco on pit bull attack: ‘Here we go again’

I don’t know exactly know what the solution is, but we can’t keep ignoring it and making it seem that pit bull attacks are just like other dog breeds’ bites. Sometimes I think people some own or adopt pit bulls because they look intimidating and have …

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Pit bull attack in Toms River leaves 4-year-old with 35 stitches

TOMS RIVER — A pit bull was euthanized after it attacked two children in their driveway in Ocean County, authorities say. Toms River Assistant Township Attorney Anthony Merlino said the dog came charging across the street after being let out of it …

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Pit bull will be euthanized after attack on boys in Biloxi

Cleo will be euthanized Tuesday because there was no record of rabies shots for the pit bull-terrier mix, who attacked two boys Thursday in Biloxi. Courtesy of Martha Broussard …

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Witnesses speak out about vicious pit bull attack

“Jaxon had thrown Bentley onto a garbage can, and the pit bull had latched down on to Jaxon’s leg,” Fontan said. First responders and medics say it’ the most vicious pit bull attack they’ve seen. “My pants from the other night, I have my nephew’s blood …

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