Published on March 13, 2017

Only Half of Eligible Players Have Registered for NFL Concussion Settlement

Nearly 10K Register for NFL Concussion Settlement

Almost 10,000 retired football players have registered to receive payouts from a $1 billion settlement with the NFL in a class-action concussion-related lawsuit.

Pittsburgh attorney Jason Luckasevic expected even more by now.

There are more than 20,000 …

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Only half of eligible players sign up for NFL concussion settlement and thousands of former NFL players are registering to get payments from settlement of a class-action suit over concussion-related injuries.

Nearly 10,000 former National Football League players, their families, or their legal representatives …

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Update on NFL Concussion Settlement Registration settlement class members must register by August 7, 2017, to be eligible for benefits (such as a baseline assessment or monetary award).

Registration can be completed either online or by mail.

Retired NFL players and their representatives can visit …

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IN BRIEF: Stage Set for $112.5M Fee Fight in NFL Concussion Case the NFL concussion litigation has ended in a $1 billion settlement, a new dispute has kicked off as the players’ attorneys rush to score a piece of the $112.5 million pot of legal fees.

Earlier this month, Christopher Seeger and Sol Weiss, the …

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Concussion settlement cost NFL $1.3 billion James McManus launching proceedings against the Newcastle Knights, rugby league is entering similar waters that the NFL and other sports have already sailed.

After years of former players being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and other serious …

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