Ohio ranked among worst for traffic safety as fatal crashes skyrocket

Ohio ranked among worst for traffic safety as fatal crashes skyrocket

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Ohio ranks among the 11 worst states in the country when it comes to traffic safety laws, according to a new report issued Tuesday.

Advocates for Highway and Public Safety gave the state a “red” rating, meaning its laws are some of the most lax in the country.

The nonprofit is funded in part by insurance companies but also includes law enforcement and public health advocates.

President Cathy Chase says Ohio has a lot of work to do.

“Ohio is what we call dangerously red and we are definitely pushing for all of the red states to move up,” Chase told Local 12. “We are at a time in surface transportation history when motor vehicle crash fatalities are surging.”

Indeed, the low ranking comes as traffic deaths are skyrocketing in Ohio and nationally as Local 12 reported last month.

Fatal traffic accidents increased nearly 20 percent nationally in the first six months of 2021 as compared to 2020.

And there were 1,334 fatalities from crashes in Ohio in 2021, up 8 percent from 2020 and 15.5 percent higher than 2019.

Not wearing a seatbelt was a factor in the majority of the deaths: of those who had a seat belt available and who died, 64 percent did not buckle up.

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