Published on December 8, 2016

New Multi-District Litigation for Propecia

New Multi-District Litigation for Propecia

Currently, there are almost 1,000 lawsuits consolidated for pretrial proceedings in MDL 2331. So what’s the big deal about Propecia? Failure to warn patients about 2 severe, sometimes catastrophic side effects: Suicidal thoughts and PERMANENT sexual dysfunction issues. YIKES!

Study: Propecia Sexual Dysfunction Worse in Men with Neurobiological Abnormalities, MA Brad Dovell is a resident of Calgary, Alberta who could have gone the Propecia finasteride route for his hair loss.

Instead, according to the Calgary Herald (11/11/16) he chose a surgical procedure called ARTAS Robotic, which transplants …

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Bellwether Cases for Propecia Litigation Chosen

According to the same Vice article, in October 2016, a judge selected the four bellwether cases that will kick off Propecia lawsuits.

Those lawsuits allege men were not properly warned about the risk of severe, sometimes catastrophic, side effects …

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Bad in Bed, Propecia Blamed

Bad in Bed, Propecia Blamed “I asked my doctor to put me on Propecia and he didn’t hesitate. It’s a psychological thing,” says 25-year-old Matt (not his real name).

“I was getting pressured from all sides: from fellow students in law school, from …

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“Don’t Mess with Testosterone,” says Propecia Victim’s mother was concerned when her son started losing hair, long before Propecia was known to cause permanent sexual dysfunction issues.

“She believed that being bald wouldn’t help my career or my love life so I listened to Mom and took this …

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Dear Doctors: Think Twice before Prescribing Propecia

Two doctors and New Hair Institute Medical Group are facing a medical malpractice lawsuit along with Merck, the Propecia manufacturer.

Plaintiff KM’s case has been remanded to state court …

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Propecia Manufacturer Hit with Citations While Propecia Impotence Lawsuits Continue

Washington, DC It was in 1997 that Merck & Co. brought Propecia finasteride to market as an effective response to male pattern baldness. While a fountain of youth takes on many forms, for men the representative summation of youth is a full head of hair …

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