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Las Vegas Nevada Lawsuit Loans

Nevada lawsuit loans, pre-settlement funding, and post-settlement funding are now available from TriMark Legal Funding.

Need cash now? Nevadans with a pending personal injury or employment-related case can finally apply for pre-settlement funding through TriMark Legal Funding. We are one of the oldest lawsuit funding companies in the industry and will make getting money from your lawsuit a smooth and painless process.

While Nevada has a relatively small number of Covid-19 cases, its residents are affected by the economic downturn due to the pandemic. The crisis further complicates the situation for many plaintiffs already anxious about dragged-out civil cases, lost income opportunities, and mounting medical bills.

If any of these applies to you, settlement funding – also sometimes called “lawsuit loans” or “settlement loans” – is a fast, risk-free, and non-recourse way to help you handle your money troubles. 

TriMark can fund most types of civil cases, except workers’ compensation, in the Silver State.

Why Apply for a Settlement Cash Advance in Nevada?

If you’re experiencing a crippling injury or illness as a consequence of someone else’s negligent act, you can seek monetary compensation to recover your losses. You can also receive money for emotional, psychological, and even relational damages.

Yet, many plaintiffs learned to manage their expectations the hard way. Before you can cash out your settlement check, you’re likely to jump through bureaucratic hoops. 

You’re forced to cover out-of-pocket costs for hospitalization, doctor visits, treatments, and therapies. You’re also supposed to handle rent, food, utilities, mortgage and car payments, credit card bills, and other expenses without missing a due date.

To make matters worse, insurers and court proceedings can be blind to your plight. If you’re searching for a way out of a financial setback, lawsuit funding may be the right fit.

Nevada Lawsuit Loans Can Get Your Finances Back on Track

In these uncertain times, it’s significantly been difficult for plaintiffs to find their footing. Most of the country is placed under lockdown because of Covid-19. The economy is suffering, but not to the point that it eclipses our very real and urgent public health crisis.

We are entering the Nevada market as one of the few licensed legal financing firms to offer cash advances to people with cases that are either stuck or filed recently because of coronavirus. We also acknowledge that this problem coexists with many others, such as nursing home abuse and police brutality, which have brought countless sufferings to victims.

Settlement funding is an opportunity we want to extend to Nevadans, so they can bounce back financially and be prepared for other issues that may arise in the foreseeable future.

Why Choose TriMark?

Not all legal funding firms are created equal. TriMark’s primary goal is to put cash on our clients’ hands so they can catch up on bills and provide for their family’s needs. If this sounds like something you need urgently, simply follow these quick and easy steps to apply:

  1. Apply online or call us toll-free at (877) 932-2628. We will usually request the following documents from your attorney:
  • Police reports
  • A theory of liability
  • The extent of your injuries
  • X-Ray and MRI reports
  • Medical and surgical procedures performed.
  • Insurance coverage limits for the defendant
  • Photo, video, or audio evidence
  • Witness statements
  1. Allow us to review the merits of your case. This step usually takes 12 to 24 hours, again, faster if your documents are complete. 

We offer a non-recourse cash advance to plaintiffs. Meaning, you’ll only repay the money if you win a settlement or jury verdict. Credit, employment, and income checks are also not required when you apply.

Thus, this assessment phase is crucial to your funding approval, and your documents are central to your case assessment.

  1. Receive a call or email informing you of the results. If your funding request is approved, you and your attorney will be asked to sign a funding agreement via DocuSign. When you complete this, you can finally receive your cash in 24 to 72 hours through your chosen channel:

a). Wire transfer or ACH

b). FedEx Overnight

c). Western Union or MoneyGram

d). US Mail

Case Types 

Except for workers’ compensation, we offer pre-settlement cash advances on most personal injury and employment-related lawsuits. Here is an overview of the cases we cover:

  • Personal Injury
    • Car Accident – one of the most common cases we fund
    • Drunk Driving
    • Semi-Truck Accident
    • Church Abuse
    • Police Brutality
    • Sexual Abuse
    • Medical Malpractice
    • Wrongful Conviction
    • Premises Liability
  • Employment
    • Discrimination
    • Harassment
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Wrongful Termination
    • FELA (Railroad)
    • Jones Act

In addition to Nevada lawsuit loans, TriMark can also provide an immediate inheritance advance for heirs and post-settlement legal fee financing for lawyers, you can also seek funding for your coronavirus-related claim, inheritance case on probate, private practice, or post-settlement status.

You may click here for a complete list of cases we fund.

If you are a resident-plaintiff from Nevada who needs cash immediately, apply using this form or call us toll-free at (877) 932-2628, and one of our friendly legal funding experts will take your application.

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