Motorcyclist Killed in Morning Accident in Matthews

Motorcyclist Killed in Early Morning Accident in Matthews
MATTHEWS, N.C.– Authorities continue their investigation into Wednesday early morning’s fatal motorcycle accident with one fatality in Matthews. The mishap happened just before 6:15 Wednesday early morning on Idlewild Road, simply west of Rice Road. Authorities say a car was taking a trip west on Idlewild Road when the motorist attempted to make a sudden stop, causing the driver¬†of the¬†motorcycle to crash.The driver of the bike passed away at the scene. His name has not been released. It’s unclear if any charges will certainly be submitted.
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Retaliation Suits Under Title VII in the Fourth Circuit:
Title VII prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. To give effect to this restriction, the statute imposes liability on companies who strike back against employees who oppose unlawful employment practices. The united state Supreme Court and many federal circuit courts take an expansive view of what constitutes opposition to an unlawful employment practice. In the Fourth Circuit, we understand that such opposition may be shown where a plaintiff has actually filed an
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Texas Attorneys Want Sandra Bland Wrongful Death Match Tossed
Attorneys for the state of Texas have asked a judge to dismiss a wrongful-death lawsuit submitted by the mother of a lady who was discovered dead in her prison cell days after her violent arrest during a traffic stop. Sandra Bland, 28, passed away in her Waller County jail cell on July 13, three days after her fight with a state cannon fodder, Brian Encinia, who pulled her over for a minor traffic infraction. Dashcam video shows their interaction quickly became a confrontation when the cannon fodder asked Bla
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