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Published on June 15, 2017

More unprovoked pitbull attacks in the news

Dog bites child at Davenport Skate Park

UPDATE: Caleb Skinner often enjoys going to the Davenport Skate Park with his father.

“I’ve been skating since I was a little kid,” he says.

The 9-year old and his father Shawn had only just arrived to the park, when a white pitbull charged at Caleb …

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Pitbull attacks Vidor child for the third time

Her son, Tyler Watts, was attacked by the pitbull when he was riding his bike down the street.

Tyler Watt’s said the dog knocked him off his bike then dragged him by the leg to the owner’s yard at the intersection of Ruth place and Willow Bend drive …

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Health department seeking info about dog after bite at dog park

A person was bitten on the hand around 1 p.m. Saturday at the dog park, located off Taughannock Boulevard in Ithaca, the health department said.

The dog is described as a tan pitbull.

After being bit, the person spoke with the dog’s owner, but did not …

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Parents left their 3-week-old baby alone for a few minutes. A pitbull bit and killed her, police say

Parents leaving a 3-week old baby alone “for a few minutes” with a pitbull in the room? Unless the attack happened in her crib, the parents need to be looked at for reckless endangerment.

Who leaves a 3-week old unattended?

Seriously, who does that?

An autopsy confirmed that her wounds were consistent with a dog bite, according to WOOD.

No charges have been announced in the case, but police told …

“The breed of a pit bull, by itself, is not enough to condemn it.

Any dog can bite,” Grand Rapids … Original story

3-week-old girl dies from pit bull bites, autopsy confirms

3-week-old Michigan girl died from a dog bite from a pit bull on Thursday after she was found in her Grand Rapids home, WZZM reported.

Susannah Jean Murray died from head injuries related to the dog bites, an autopsy confirmed.

Susannah’s family …

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