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Published on June 29, 2017

More Police Brutality Lawsuit Settlements in the News

Convicted jewel thief, gun peddler Justin Douglas latest to receive police brutality settlement from Springfield

The city and state will pay convicted jewel thief and gun-peddler Justin Douglas $60,000 to settle a police brutality lawsuit filed three years ago in federal court, according to settlement documents.

Douglas was arrested in 2012 at a …

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ACLU, Police Brutality Victims, News Outlets

The ACLU of Maryland is backing two Baltimore media outlets in separate lawsuits against Baltimore and Salisbury police.

The ACLU is fighting so-called “gag …

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When cops kill, paying their victims’ families can be a cold, calculating process

Her attorney, Robert Bennett, and other legal experts told Mic that establishing police brutality settlement amounts involves examining callous, but legally-relevant factors, such as the victim’s age, education level and overall lifetime earning …

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Philando Castille Settlement Shows White America Willingly Pays for White Supremacy

Cities like Pittsburgh, Denver and of course Chicago have doled out millions of dollars in settlements and penalties for police brutality with nary a chief getting fired or a cop being jailed.

If a county hospital was getting sued every year for …

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Michael Brown family receives $1.5 million settlement from Ferguson

On August 9, 2014, police officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown, 18, at least six times on West Florissant Avenue in St. Louis suburb, Ferguson, Mo., according to The New York Times.

An autopsy …

What is being done to prevent police brutality? There have …

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Conn. ACLU Demands Release Of Documents In Enfield Police Brutality Cases

Eight of the lawsuits were settled out of court, and Worden was originally fired, but town officials changed his termination to a resignation.

Worden admitted no wrongdoing, and town officials have refused to release any information about the …

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Springfield police brutality victim Melvin Jones III jailed after 2nd arrest in 2 weeks

A Chicopee man who won a $499,000-plus settlement in a police brutality case is facing new charges after being pulled over for driving with allegedly stolen Connecticut license plates.

Melvin Jones III, 35, pleaded not guilty Friday in …

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KING: Police officers, departments and pension plans should cover the billions paid out for police brutality

The enormous physical and psychological costs of police brutality in America can never be fully measured, but the monetary costs can.

Just hours ago, it was announced that the family of Philando Castile will receive a $3 million settlement.

Numerous …

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Lawsuits: Officer Used Excessive Force In Several Cases

In this 2013 file photo, former Enfield Police Department K9 Officer Matthew Worden and his dog Falco negotiate a low crawl obstacle during the annual K9 Olympics in Mansfield, Connecticut.

Eight brutality lawsuits settled over the past 10 months paint …

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New York City and James Blake Resolve Excessive Force Claim

James Blake in 2015.

The City of New York will create a legal fellowship in Mr. Blake’s name within the Civilian Complaint Review Board, the agency that …

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