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Published on June 11, 2017

More ex-Penn State officials jailed in Sandusky sex abuse scandal

Ex-Penn State officials face sentencing today in Sandusky scandal

Two ex-Penn State officials have apologized to the sex abuse victims of Jerry Sandusky while awaiting sentencing for failing to alert authorities to a 2001 allegation against the ex-assistant football coach, allowing the now-convicted serial predator …

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Former Penn State officials receive prison sentences for abuse scandal

Three former Penn State officials will spend some time behind bars for their roles in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal.

Former Penn State president Graham Spanier, former vice president Gary Schultz, and former athletic …

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Ex-Penn State president will serve 2-month jail sentence

Former Pennsylvania State University President Graham B. Spanier was ordered Friday to spend at least two months in jail and another two on house arrest for endangering children by failing to report signs that Jerry Sandusky was sexually abusing children.

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House arrest? Seriously? And they consider that a suitable punishment?

Three Former Penn State Officials Get Short Jail Terms Related to Sandusky Scandal

A Pennsylvania judge sentenced former Pennsylvania State University president Graham Spanier to two months in jail Friday, following his conviction for failing to act on a 2001 report of child sex abuse by retired assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

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Former UNL chancellor, 2 others get jail time in Penn State sex abuse case

Former Penn State President Graham Spanier arrives for his sentencing hearing at the Dauphin County Courthouse in Harrisburg, Pa., in Friday.

Spanier, who was University of Nebraska-Lincoln chancellor in the 1990s, and two other former Penn State …

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Penn State officials face sentencing in Sandusky sex scandal

Former Penn State President Graham Spanier (center) and two other former school administrators are to be sentenced Friday on charges of child endangerment for failing to report a 2001 allegation about Jerry Sandusky to authorities in a child sex abuse …


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