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As of December 2021, Monsanto has reached settlement agreements in nearly 100,000 Roundup lawsuits. Monsanto paid approximately $11 billion. Bayer has accomplished this by negotiating block settlement arrangements with plaintiffs’ lawyers who have large numbers of cases in the litigation.

30,000 Roundup Cases Left… and Counting

Although these settlements account for nearly 80% of all pending Roundup claims, there are still about 26,000 active Roundup lawsuits. Moreover, new Roundup lawsuits continue to get filed on a regular basis.  Our Roundup attorneys call from Roundup victims with NHL almost every day.

December 2021 Roundup Lawsuit Update

On December 9, 2021, a Roundup trial resulted in another defense victory for Bayer after a jury in California ruled that the plaintiff’s cancer was not caused by her years of Roundup use.  It was a fairly classic NHL Roundup lawsuit.  The plaintiff, Donnetta Stephens, was a woman in her 70s who was diagnosed with lymphoma after years of using Roundup in her home gardening hobby.

The trial was conducted entirely via Zoom video call and dragged on for nearly 3 months.  This is a poor bellwether trial because of the insanity of trying to have such a complex trial by Zoom.  The emotion, the feel for the witnesses – you don’t get that on Zoom as we all know from using it for the last 20 months.

So our Roundup lawyers are still as bullish on the expected individual settlement amounts for Round Two of the Roundup lawsuits as we have ever been.

What This Roundup Page Is About

In this post, our Roundup lawyers will

  1. take a brief look back at the Monsanto Roundup lawsuits,
  2. update you on where things stand in December 2021,
  3. tell you the likely direction the Roundup litigation will likely take moving forward, and
  4. Look at the expected future settlement amounts of the Roundup lawsuits in Phase Two

Roundup Litigation

Not too long ago, Roundup was the most popular weedkiller in the world 

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