Published on May 6, 2017

Measuring Driver Impairment Is Easier Said Than Done

Measuring Drug Impairment In Drivers: Easier Said Than Done

Drug-impaired driving is a growing concern for highway safety officials.

But, as a recent report makes clear, its actual impact is still difficult to measure.

The report from the Governors Highway Safety Association, a group of state highway safety …

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It’s time to take drug-impaired driving seriously and err on the side of safety

According to the district attorney’s office, drug-impaired DUI cases are on the rise in Lancaster County.

As LNP reported Sunday, such cases account for 28 percent of the 199 DUI cases in the county so far this year.

Drug-impaired driving offenses made …

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Ohio legislator pleads no contest to impaired-driving charge

A state lawmaker accused of impaired driving pleaded no contest Wednesday to the misdemeanor charge.

Republican Rep. Wes Retherford, of Hamilton, was sentenced by Judge Kevin McDonough to six months in jail.

All of the time was …

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Maui Police Cinco de Mayo Impaired Driving Enforcement Starts Today

Starting today and continuing through the weekend, the Maui Police Department will be participating in a national campaign sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to increase impaired driving enforcement in conjunction with the …

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Project Drive Thru targets impaired driving in Burlington

Police are partnering with restaurants that have drive-thrus, in an effort to reduce impaired driving in Burlington.

Halton Regional Police launched #ProjectDriveThru on Thursday morning, which aims to educate employees on the signs of impairment, and …

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Marijuana And Impaired Driving: This New Study May Surprise You

A new report on drug-impaired driving finds that the relationship between a drug’s presence in the body and its effect on driving “are complex, not understood well, and vary from driver to driver.”

Though the report claims that drivers involved in …

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Franklin County DUI checkpoint yields no arrests for impaired driving

Although no one was arrested for operating a vehicle while impaired, officers did issue 29 citations for other things, mostly warnings for minor traffic violations and tickets for driver’s license violations.

One person was arrested on an outstanding …

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Simulated emergency response drives home the dangers of impaired driving

Members of Hoy-Kilnoski Funeral Home and the Treynor Fire Department put senior Bailey Andersen, the victim of a fatal wreck, into a body bag during the …

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