Mass Torts: New Developments and Latest Reforms

ILR study focuses on double-dipping in Virginia asbestos cases shows that in a rash of cases, plaintiff lawyers and their clients told one story about exposure in the tort system, yet they named other exposures while seeking compensation from bankruptcy trusts established by asbestos manufacturers to compensate …

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court, bodies in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh make ‘Judicial Hellholes’ watch list“Philadelphia has significantly improved its litigation environment but continues to serve as a national hub for mass tort litigation,” the press release said.

“While only a few years ago, nine out of 10 pharmaceutical cases filed in the City of …

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Law Review Article Argues that Contraception Mass Torts Injured Consumers

It is bad enough that the mass tort system in our country approximates a system of jackpot justice that, if it ever does justice among the parties, does so accidentally.

But its wild inefficiencies and inconsistencies also have macro adverse effects on …

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The Hot Business Topic Facing SCOTUS This Term

The trend is underway now because numerous lower court decisions have adopted “generous” definitions of personal jurisdiction, Pincus said, exposing nationwide and global companies to liability in class actions and mass tort suits in states where they …

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People in the News—Griesing Law Brotman, chair of Griesing Law’s white-collar and government investigations practice, presented ’10 Reasons the Disciplinary Board Comes Knocking’ at t…

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Sixth Gynecomastia Trial Now Underway in Pennsylvania Mass Tort Litigation

Our Firm is representing a number of clients who are also pursuing Risperdal gynecomastia claims, and we are monitoring this latest trial closely.

The outcome could provide insight into possible verdicts in similar cases,” said Sandy A. Liebhard, a …

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Texas House told mass hail litigation driven by trial lawyers, triggering ‘tort tax’ upon all Texans

The Texas House Insurance Committee recently met to hear testimony on the impact of mass hail litigation – a surge driven by trial lawyers out for profit, a tort reform advocate argued during the assembly.

In 2012, two “biblical hailstorms …

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Judge Wants More Info From Fresenius Dialysis Patients

Senior U.S. District Judge Douglas P. Woodlock said he would issue a so-called Lone Pine order, used in mass tort cases to weed out meritless claims — and in this case, encourage the realization of a settlement.

While the plaintiffs’ executive committee …

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Corporate Giants Saw ‘Good, Bad and Ugly’ Mass Tort Results

For three major corporations with mass tort troubles, 2016 was the year of the good, the bad and the ugly.

It was good for General Motors Co., which avoided jury verdicts against it in …

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Judge Abruptly Tosses Risperdal Suit Mid-Trial trial phase of Philadelphia’s Risperdal mass tort program.

The program consists of about 2,000 cases alleging that Janssen failed to adequately warn that Risperdal could lead young men and boys to develop permanent excessive breast …

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Tort Reformers, Trial Lawyers Offer Rival Wish Lists for Texas Lawmakers“TLR will propose a legislative solution that protects every Texas homeowner’s right to sue their insurance company if it acts unfairly or in bad faith, while breaking the mass-tort model that some lawyers are using to exploit the system,” she said …

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Mass Tort Inventory Stays High in Wake of Program Changes

Despite changes to the mass tort program the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas put in place a few years ago, the inventory in the Complex Litigation Center remains high and the number of out-of-state plaintiffs has largely remained steady.

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Xarelto Mass Tort Adopts MDL Bellwether Selection Process January 2015, Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Kevin Dougherty created a mass tort docket for all state-filed Xarelto lawsuits.

At that time, about 75 cases were centralized in the same court, with plaintiffs alleging excessive bleeding …

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