Published on January 26, 2016

Lawsuit Loans on Police Misconduct and Police Brutality Cases

Police Misconduct Lawsuit Loans

In the last 12 to 18 months, the topic of police misconduct has been a prominent feature in the news.

Police misconduct is a broad term used to describe any police actions which violate the rights of the citizens they encounter.

One of the most common forms of police misconduct is the use of excessive force, often referred to as police brutality. Another common form of abuse that has rocked the headlines recently thanks to the conviction and 263 year sentence handed down to ex-police office Daniel holtzclaw, is police sexual misconduct.

Police sexual misconduct is often considered a hidden crime that routinely goes unreported. Early this year, dozens of organizations advocating for women of color told the Presidents Task Force on 21st Century Policing that police sexual misconduct is by no means an isolated phenomenon and requires a policy response by law enforcement agencies.

An Epidemic of Police Misconduct?

As the Associated Press recently uncovered in a yearlong investigation, police sexual misconduct is rampant in America and likely woefully underreported. The findings show that female officers report that police sexual misconduct is common. In a 2010 report, police sexual misconduct is the second most common form of misconduct reported, with 517 officers involved in sexual misconduct complaints during that period, 297 of the complaints involved non-consensual sexual activity such as sexual assault or sexual battery. The researchers stress that police sexual misconduct is likely perpetrated by a small number of officers and not by a large proportion of officers.

Police sexual misconduct is common, and anyone who maintains it isnt doesnt get it, says retired Seattle police chief Norm Stamper, author of the book Breaking Rank. In fact, there are several ways in which we generally categorize and classify police misconduct and, while this may seem to be complicated, it is important to first understand what police misconduct is and entails before we delve into what causes it and what can be done in response to it.

Despite becoming a more prominent issue in landscape of American public opinion, police misconduct is still a largely unstudied issue and no other sources of current statistical and trending data exist with which we could use to analyze the nature, persistence, and prominence of police misconduct in America.

Being the victim of police misconduct is obviously a frightening and upsetting experience. Becoming a victim of police misconduct can be very overwhelming and shock will eventually set in at some point or another, in one form or another. There are no support groups out there for victims of police misconduct, little research has been done on the unique psychological effects of it even though being a victim of police misconduct is a unique kind of trauma that erodes ones own sense of security in ways unlike other kinds of crimes.

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