Is Supreme Court Justice Neal Gorsuch a Sign of Things to Come?

Is Neal Gorsuch the reason the Supreme Court keeps delaying LGBTQ rights case? it’s a case from the home state of the newly-minted Justice Neil Gorsuch, one that pundits and journalists alike see as “custom-made” for the conservative jurist who decided the Hobby Lobby case.

And given the 5-to-4 majority of conservative …

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In His First Criminal Cases, Neil Gorsuch Is Already Mirroring Scalia

In his first weeks on the Supreme Court, Justice Neil Gorsuch has reflected many of same judicial concerns and priorities as his predecessor, Justice Antonin …

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The historic shift in the US Supreme Court’s religious makeup (plus or minus a Gorsuch) Supreme Court justices are secular clerics of the highest order.

The Constitution is their guiding document—a set of basic commandments—and textual analysis is their practice, used to dissect thorny moral issues.

All share a reverence for the law …

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Gorsuch, in Sign of Independence, Opts Out of Supreme Court’s Clerical Pool DC
In an early sign of Justice Neil M. Gorsuch’s independence and work ethic, he has decided not to join a labor pool at the Supreme Court in which justices share their law clerks in an effort to streamline decisions about which cases to hear.

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Trump’s Gorsuch Success Finally Paves the Way for a Nation Once Again Governed by Lawmakers, Not Judges

Long after Donald Trump has left the White House, Justice Neil Gorsuch will likely still be at the Supreme Court. Once it didn’t look like it would happen this way.

And it’s to the enormous credit of the Trump White House—and the Trump campaign, which …

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Neil Gorsuch and the State’s Power to Kill, it’s worth paying special attention to Justice Neil Gorsuch’s vote late Thursday night to deny a stay of execution for Ledell Lee, an Arkansas man who was sentenced to death in 1995 for murdering a woman named Debra Reese with a tire thumper.

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Gorsuch casts death-penalty vote in one of his first Supreme Court cases Court Justice Neil M. Gorsuch cast his first consequential vote Thursday night, siding with the court’s other four conservatives in denying a stay request from Arkansas death-row inmates facing execution.

Hours later, the state executed one of …

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Gorsuch Looks Poised to Rule That States Must Sometimes Subsidize Churches Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer, a tricky case about state funding of religion.

All eyes were on the newest justice, Neil Gorsuch, who was expected to cast a tie-breaking vote in favor of a …

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Neil Gorsuch Could Cast Decisive Vote In Biggest Church-State Case In A Long Time once President Donald Trump nominated Gorsuch in January, the court scheduled the dispute for oral arguments in April — perhaps anticipating that the Senate would get around to confirming the new associate justice by then and the Supreme Court …

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Belle Fourche native is former Gorsuch clerk – Rapid City Journal joining the prestigious law firm of Hogan Lovells in November, Belle Fourche native Allison Turbiville clerked for Judge Neil M. Gorsuch when he served in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit in Colorado.

After a grilling by senators …

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