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Published on April 13, 2011

Insurance Companies Pre-Empting Injury Claims

Accidents & Insurance Companies

Motor vehicle accidents in the US are plentiful.

Many of those injured experience difficulty getting fair treatment from the opposing side’s insurance company and as a result, can find timely help from personal injury lawyers. These professionals can offer sound legal advice and most offer free consultations to determine if you have a viable case. There is no catch, it just gives everyone time to assess the other to make sure that the lawyer is right for the injured and the case is something that the lawyer can take on and ultimately prevail with

While there are tens of thousands of personal injury law firms in the United States to choose from, many firms boast of a long list of clients they’ve helped fight and process accident claims for and most have worked with lawsuit funding companies in the past, or are at least familiar with the concept of legal funding.

If you’ve been in a traffic accident lately and you’re frustrated because you are not at fault then you may need to make a call and talk to a lawyer to see if you can get compensation for your injuries. Expect him to give you an honest assessment of your case and whether or not it has merit. After you’ve discussed the merit of your case and your desired outcome, be sure to discuss attorney’s fees and case costs during the consultation. Once the consultation is over, you may choose to hire that firm or try to find another lawyer instead. If you proceed with the claim, you will be assisted with the claims process so you can be sure that you are filing the right paperwork necessary.

You need to make sure that you get all the advice you can before making a decision to go forward with any injury claim. You can decide to proceed with litigation or an out-of-court settlement after you have fully weighed your options and considered all the pros and cons.

The good thing about searching for contingent fee attorneys is that they won’t cost you anything out-of-pocket. This is called contingency and it means that the attorney or law firm will pay all expenses and case costs on your behalf and you will only be charged if they win your case, and then they will be paid out your your proceeds. This service offer costs you nothing if you lose your claim.

You also want to watch out for Insurance companies that insist that you make a quick settlement without enough time to consider all options or consult an attorney. This is called pre-empting and insurances companies do it as a means of limiting their losses. Some insurance companies will go as far as to recommend other lawyers who may not always act in the best interest of a client.

An insurance company must be able to conduct a trustworthy assessment and evaluation of your injury. Medical tests will be conducted independently to ensure an accurate status of your injury. The company must be able to draw up an equitable settlement plan. Try to avoid any settlements unless your lawyer strongly advises you to accept them and if, during the interim, you find yourself short of money, non-recourse lawsuit loans are an excellent way to help you pay your bills and expenses until your settlement is finalized.

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