Husband Won’t Share Inheritance, Gets Mad When Wife Does The Same

Husband Won't Share Inheritance, Gets Mad When Wife Does The Same

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When they work together, couples can achieve more than singles. So if you’re in a serious commitment, you and your partner should have a calm and honest talk about each other’s financial habits, goals, and fears.

Because when people skip it and enter discussions about money only when there’s a problem, their ego can take control of the situation and seriously damage the relationship. Even a marriage.

A few days ago, Reddit user Zealousideal_Fly4786 submitted a post to the “Am I The [Jerk]?” community that perfectly illustrates this tricky and dangerous predicament.

In it, the woman describes how her partner used her savings and inheritance against her, bending the rules he himself had established. The story serves as a reminder that communication is key to understanding one another and that having a policy agreed upon in advance is way more effective than trying to put it together on the go.

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