Published on February 11, 2017

How Are People Still Not Getting This? Stop Texting and Driving!

Tens of thousands of people are killed and seriously injured each year because people get on their mobile devices while they’re driving, so you’d think people would wise-up to the idea that texting and driving is a bad idea. But you’d be wrong.

Texting while driving: Police see it, but can’t always ticket CITY
A first sign could be the car drifts — first right, then weaving back left, a few feet at a time, perhaps off pavement and onto the.

Accidents caused by people who are texting while driving are 100% preventable, and yet…

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Texting & Driving: Can Sender Be Held Liable In Crash? (KDKA)
Texting and driving is illegal in Pennsylvania.

Drivers can face fines or even jail time if they’re texting and cause a serious or fatal accident.

But now, there’s also a question if the sender of the text can be held liable if the …

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Distracted driving exercise impresses students, teachers
Kauai High School student Jaevon Sategna said texting on the road would be difficult during a distracted driving exercise hosted Friday by the Kauai High School Leadership Advocacy class.

Texting while negotiating an obstacle course on foot …

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Wear: Texting while driving? Yes, but not as much under Austin’s ban

The adult behavior I’m referring to is the use of a cellphone while driving.

The City Council passed an ordinance in August 2014 making it illegal in Austin, with resulting fines and court costs as high as $219, to operate a moving motor vehicle or …

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Why Is Texting and Driving Not Considered an Epidemic?’m much more frightened pulling onto the streets of Los Angeles than worried that my Muslim neighbors are harboring secrets, and for good reason: sixteen people die every day on America’s roads because of texting and driving.

Sadly, every one of these …

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Bill Could Increase Penalty For Texting & Driving (CBS4)
State lawmakers say the dangerous problem of texting and driving is getting worse despite the fact that it’s illegal in Colorado.

Now legislators want to increase the penalties for the crime.

The Colorado law that prohibits texting and …

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Rep. Corey Mock: Distracted driving bill prohibits texting, and more every state joins North Dakota in banning texting while driving.

As a result, distracted-related injuries and deaths have improved, but far too many Americans still lose their lives in preventable vehicle accidents.

The statistics speak for …

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Tougher law on texting while driving advances in Iowa Senate Iowa Senate Transportation Committee voted 12-0 Wednesday in support of a bill that toughens Iowa’s ban on texting while driving.

Under current Iowa law, texting is prohibited by drivers, but the Iowa State Patrol wrote fewer than 200 citations for …

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10th Valley City Passes A “Texting While Driving” Ban

San Benito has become the latest city in the Valley to ban texting while driving.

San Benito city commissioners passed the ordinance Tuesday night – saying the move is not to punish people but to protect them.

The city is providing a 90-day grace …

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Texting and Driving Could Be Prohibited for All Missouri Drivers

The Missouri House is hearing a bill that would make texting while behind the wheel illegal for all Missouri drivers.

The Missouri Senate is also hearing a similar bill.

Currently, only drivers under 22 years-old and commercial drivers are prohibited …

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Mesa legislator narrows attempt to stop texting and driving lawmakers are moving to keep cellphones out of the hands of the newest drivers while behind the wheel.

But the practice apparently will remain legal for the other 5 million Arizona motorists and anyone else who drive in the state.

Members of the …

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