Heartbroken mother warns against aggressive dogs after losing infant to attack

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Authorities were called to a home along Apache Lane in Kodak Oct. 19 after reports of a fatal dog attack.

A dog attacked and killed an infant and injured the child’s grandmother, according to officials with the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office. The mother, Tiffany Parker, said 7-month-old Bentley was visiting his grandmother while she was moving into a home a block away. She told WVLT News she eventually heard a commotion coming from near her mother’s home and rushed over to check on her son.

Investigators told her the family dog, which Parker said was a St. Bernard, attacked her mother and killed her son. Parker said the dog typically stayed outside when the baby was visiting his grandmother.

“He was so innocent. I know he couldn’t fight for himself and I know my mama did all she could,” said Parker. “That baby was so precious. So full of life. He just brightened every heart that he came across.”

While trying to cope with never hearing her baby call out her name or take his first steps, Parker said she’s thinking of other parents and believes her message could save other children.

“If you have any doubt about an animal, please please just get rid of the dog or something,” said Parker. “You wouldn’t expect it to happen, but it does.”

The Sevier County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident and reported the dog got so aggressive with first responders, it was put down on the scene.

Which dogs are most dangerous?

Ohio State researchers compared how likely a dog is to bite with the severity of the bite. They found that Pit Bull Terriers and mixed breeds pose the highest risk for children.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control reported most dog bites are in children between five and nine years old. Young children are most vulnerable because they don’t notice the subtle signs that a dog might bite.

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