Court Orders Sudan to Pay $315M to Victims of Terror Attack on USS Cole

Court Orders Sudan to Pay $315M to Victims of Horror Attack on USS Cole
The USS Cole was refueling in Yemen in October of 2000 when two al-Qaeda suicide bombers blew a hole in its hull. The attack killed 17 sailors and injured another 39. Fifteen of the hurt sailors and three of their spouses submitted a federal lawsuit versus Sudan in 2010, asserting the nation assisted the bombing by lending material assistance to al-Qaeda. The victims won the case, and now a federal appeals court in New york city is ordering three banks to turn over Sudanese funds to satisfy the judgment

Holy Copyright, Batman! Batmobile Gets Copyright Protection
The Batmobile is one of the most identifiable vehicles in the world. The fins, the gizmos, the weaponry: all singular to the Caped Crusader, and all really inviting to copycats. But those planning to take the Batmobile’s trademark look better beware. The 9th Circuit has actually ruled that Batman’s costar automobile is sufficiently unique to call for copyright defenses. Mark Towle was making his own. The California mechanic had actually been recreating and offering Batmobile replicas for $90,000 a pop. When DC Comics
GM Will Pay $900M for Ignition Change Flaw
It hasn’t been a great year for General Motors. The auto producer has been pestered with recalls and suits concerning possibly lethal ignition switch flaws. In all, GM’s malfunctioning ignition switch has been tied to a minimum of 124 deaths. Now the business is paying $900 million to the criminal charges associated with the ignition switch. So where does GM go from here, and exactly what will the settlement suggest for existing civil lawsuits? The malfunctioning ignition switch might slip out of the run position,
Public Goes through Voter Control: WA High Court Nixes Charter Schools
Weeks after the start of a new academic year, Washington State’s high court ruled that it is unconstitutional to money charter schools with cash from public coffers. The judgment reignited a national dispute, raving for years, about the questionable hybrid kind of education that borrows from both the public and independent school systems. The Washington court concluded that charters are not “common schools” and can not get public cash. “A common school, within the definition of our constitution, is
StarKist Giving Customers Cash or Tuna as Part of Settlement
StarKist is providing aggrieved consumers the option of $25 in money or $50 in tuna in order to settle a class action claim that implicated the tuna company of shorting the quantity of fish in its cans. The overall payment will concern about $8 million, although StarKist has not confessed any fault. Federal customer laws require 5 ounce cans of tuna to contain in between 2.84-ounces and 3.23-ounces of actual fish, depending upon the type. Some StarKist customers thought their cans felt a little light,

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