Holding Employers and Insurance Companies Responsible for Worker Safety

Worker’s compensation is a type of insurance that covers employees injured on the job. It can also cover those injured or deceased while driving a company vehicle or during company-related training.

Workers’ compensation insurance benefits can cover the income that an injured worker would have made while unable to work. It can also pay for medical bills, rehabilitation, and other expenses due to the injury. This type of insurance only applies to those who have been injured in a workplace accident.

Workers’ Compensation Laws
Workers’ compensation insurance is required by law in most U.S. states. However, the legal framework can change between states. To learn if you qualify for benefits in your state, consult a specialized local lawyer.

If you suffered a workplace injury in Houston, Texas attorneys can help protect your interest while filing for benefits. A legal expert can also help you negotiate with the insurance company.


What You Need To Know About New York Workers Compensation

Insurance provides compensation for loss, damage, or anything that has been insured at a specific price called the premium. One of the insurance programs in New York City is Workers’ compensation insurance. It takes care of the bills incurred from the medical treatment of occupational injuries and illnesses. They also provide cash aid to the employee during this period.

The workers’ compensation is to be provided for the employees at no cost by the employer.

If an employee dies as a result of a workplace injury or illness, the spouse and/or other dependants of the deceased will be given some cash benefits weekly. The wages of the deceased weekly for one year before the onset of the illness are calculated. Then, two-thirds of it is given to his family. The money spent on the funeral ceremony is also covered.

The affected employee will be paid some portions of his lost wages if the illness or disease

Concierge Bitten by Resident’s Dog Receives $185,000

A Chicago woman working as a concierge recently suffered a bite from a resident’s dog. With the help of attorney Paul Greenberg, she recovered $185,000 in compensation for her injury and related expenses.

Many Chicago residents live in buildings staffed by a concierge. The concierge provides several services to residents. Like other Chicago professionals, a concierge has a right to a reasonably safe working environment – including a workplace free of the risk of being bitten by a wayward pet dog.

One role of a concierge is to help keep building residents safe. To do this work, the concierge must have a safe work environment. The threat of a dog bite from a resident’s dog undermines a concierge’s safety, which hinders the concierge’s ability to do their job well.

Illinois law places a duty on dog owners to prevent their dogs from biting or causing injury to others. When a dog bites, the owner may be liable for the costs of the injury.

Does workers compensation cover COVID-19?

During the pandemic, many workers are concerned about their health and what, if anything, their workplace will do to compensate or protect them if they catch COVID-19. This is especially an issue for those who don’t have health insurance or other benefits.

Workers’ compensation generally covers the cost of pain and injury incurred while on the job. With the resurgence of COVID and the need for essential employees to often put their lives on the line, some wonder: Does workers’ comp cover pain and suffering and the medical costs caused by COVID?

The answer is: maybe, depending on your job. To understand this, we will dive into what workers’ comp usually covers, the situations where it does and doesn’t cover COVID, and what your other options are if you catch the virus and don’t have a legal claim to workers’ comp.

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