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$600K awarded for wrongful incarceration

Texas mom convicted in foster son’s salt-poisoning death to get nearly $600G for wrongful jailing

ABC News reported that the Texas comptroller told Hannah Overton on Tuesday that she would receive a check for $573,333.33 for wrongful incarceration.

She also is qualified to receive insurance and education benefits, and next year she’ll get an annuity …

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After 23 Years of Wrongful Imprisonment, Not One Dime

How much are 23 years of a person’s life worth?

Nothing, if those years were spent in a Kansas prison after a wrongful conviction.

Last October, Lamonte McIntyre was set free after he was exonerated of the double murder for which he was convicted in 1994.

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Man gets nothing from state after 23-year wrongful imprisonment

The wrongful conviction of a teenager in Kansas has the state attorney reexamining the circumstances leading to his more than two decades in prison.

The case is also turning up possible problems with about a dozen other convictions.

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Washington prison guard accused of sexual misconduct with inmate

Washington prison guard accused of sexual misconduct with inmate

A Cowlitz County corrections officer was arrested Wednesday for having sexual contact with a female inmate and giving her marijuana, police said.

The suspect, 50-year-old Kelly Burgin, is being held in the Clark County Jail and will be …

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Lackawanna County takes action and fires 5 prison guards charged with abuse

Five of the six Lackawanna County Prison guards charged with sexually …

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Transgender Woman Seeks Immediate Protection from IDOC Guards

Officers have sexually harassed her, threatened her, and subjected her to verbal and physical abuse.

Prison guards also have made it clear they will not protect her from prisoners who seek to do her harm: on one occasion, guards stood by and allowed a …

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Six Lackawanna County Prison guards fired in wake of sex scandal

Six Lackawanna County Prison guards have been caught up in a sex scandal.

The arrests came after a grand jury investigation looking into the systemic sexual abuse and harassment of female inmates in Lackawanna …

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‘Culture of cover-up:’ Warden forced to retire from prison where whistleblower says teen inmates abused

During her four years as the supervisor of a program for teen inmates jailed at the Clemens Unit in Brazoria, an adult prison, Dominique Mitchell repeatedly alleged abuse and neglect: A mentally ill teenager was taunted by guards who told him to kill himself. Read more


UPDATE: Discrimination Lawsuits Around The Country

Ex- Dolphins cheerleader claims virginity, religion discrimination in lawsuit

A former Miami Dolphins cheerleader claims she faced discrimination after revealing she is a virgin and devout Christian.

Now she’s filing a discrimination complaint against the NFL with her Sarasota lawyer, Sara Blackwell.

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Harvard admissions discrimination case could go to trial this summer

A lawsuit that claims Harvard caps the number of high achieving Asian-Americans it admits could go to trial in Boston as early as this summer, according to a new filing in the case.

The lawsuit, begun in 2014 by a conservative advocate who has long …

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Fox News Settles Gender Discrimination Lawsuit With Former Reporter Diana Falzone News has settled a gender discrimination lawsuit brought by former reporter Diana Falzone, her lawyer told TheWrap Friday.

“We resolved Diana Falzone’s case against Fox News and she no longer works there,” said Nancy Erika Smith, who declined to …

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Stores likely to face more lawsuits over ban on under-21 gun sales

But there’s no exception for firearms.

20-year-old sues Dick’s, Walmart over new gun policies “I am confident that Walmart and Dick’s are violating Oregon’s discrimination in public accommodations laws,” said Max Whittington, the lawyer who …

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A woman is suing Whole Foods for racial and pregnancy discrimination, and her story is infuriating

Florida who is suing Whole Foods for discrimination and being unjustly fired.

Moore says she was treated unfairly after her pregnancy and because of her race.

According to the lawsuit, Moore started working at Whole Foods in December 2014.

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Attorney believes court will side with client in gun age discrimination case

MEDFORD, Ore. — The attorney representing a southern Oregon man in a discrimination lawsuit said he is confident the court will side with his client.

Tyler Watson, 20, filed lawsuits on March 5 against both Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart, after store …

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WSU Christian group reinstated after suing for discrimination

“Wayne State’s attempt to tell InterVarsity how to define its faith and select its leaders is anti-religious discrimination,” the lawsuit reads in part.

The lawsuit also states, “Wayne State rightly allows fraternities to have only male leaders, female …

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Michigan Man Sues Dick’s Over Gun Age Restriction Policy

A Michigan man has filed a lawsuit alleging that the decision by Dick’s Sporting Goods to bar sales of all guns to anyone under 21 years of age violates that state’s age discrimination laws.

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Air Canada’s Flight Attendant Union Files Human Rights Complaint, Alleging Sexual, Racial Discrimination

Just this week, two former United Airlines flight attendants were awarded $800,000 in a discrimination suit.

Jennie Stroup and Rubin Lee—who had a combined 71 years at the company—were, despite stellar track records, fired in 2013 for watching a …

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IT Staffing Company Pays $50,000 To Settle EEOC Age Discrimination Suit

Diverse Lynx, LLC, a Princeton, New Jersey-based IT staffing firm with offices in Princeton and Noida, India, will pay $50,000 and will undertake significant remedial measures to settle an age discrimination lawsuit brought by the Equal …

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Albrechta: Federal courts split on sexual orientation discrimination

The court in Zarda’s case ultimately found that Title VII prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

This decision also has a political element.

Under President Barack Obama, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued a ruling …

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UPDATE: Excessive Force Lawsuits Around the Country

Atlantic City police officer facing excessive-force lawsuit CITY
A city police officer has found himself embroiled in an excessive-force case that threatens to dig up past abuse allegations and hold the city liable for not checking officers flagged by an early warning system for excessive force.

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Colorado Lawsuit Alleges ‘Willfill and Wanton Excessive’ Force Caused Inmate’s Death

A lawsuit filed in Denver on Tuesday alleges that a 41-year-old male was fatally beat in a local jail by its deputies after he reportedly yelled and flipped them off.

Rodney Jaramillo says that deputies at the Pueblo County Jail used “excessive force …

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City of Chico denies allegations in Desmond Phillips lawsuit

The city of Chico has denied allegations in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of Desmond … Alex Fliehr and Jared Cumber denied allegations of negligence and excessive force in Phillips’ shooting death.

The city and the Phillips …

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Appeals court reverses district judge in fatal 2013 W.Va. police-shooting case

reversed Chief U.S. District Judge Gina Groh’s decision to grant summary judgement in favor of the city and remanded the $200 million lawsuit by Jones’ estate … still find that the officers exercised excessive force.”

“Most critically, it is not clear …

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Video shows Cuyahoga County jail guard using excessive force on female inmate

Cuyahoga County released the video hours after a judge ruled in’s favor in a public records lawsuit.

Corporal Brendan Johnson …

The internal investigation found Johnson used excessive force in both incidents, but an arbitrator overturned …

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Judge dismisses federal lawsuit against Jonesborough mayor and others

Last week, the federal court also granted Peace’s request to be given immunity to charges that he made an unlawful arrest, used excessive force and engaged in malicious prosecution.

That portion of the lawsuit was also dismissed by the judge with prejudice.

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Secret NYPD Files: Officers Can Lie And Brutally Beat People — And Still Keep Their Jobs

Their lawsuit against the department is ongoing … such as stealing property, false arrest, or excessive force, can fight the charges.

With little outside scrutiny, some officers told BuzzFeed News the internal trials are merely a “kangaroo court …

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Ex-Ranger Ordered to Pay Judgment for Excessive Force Case


A federal judge has ordered a former U.S. Forest Service ranger to pay nearly $600,000 to a disabled Army veteran and another camper for violating their civil rights by using excessive force during their 2014 arrests in mountains …

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Ex-inmate sues Erie County over use of force at prison

A federal lawsuit claims that an Erie County Prison inmate suffered … ruptured eye socket and numerous cuts and abrasions” as a result of “excessive force” used by corrections officers at the prison.

“There is a widespread custom and well-settled …

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Schenectady Council to vote on excessive force settlement


City Council members will vote on whether to settle an excessive-force lawsuit during the council’s committee meetings on Tuesday.

Independent Councilman Vince Riggi, chair of the council’s Claims Committee, confirmed council members …

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Deaf man paid $175,000 in taxpayer funds to settle claims Oklahoma troopers used excessive force during traffic stop

Pearson, now 68, of Edmond, claimed three troopers “used unnecessary, unprovoked and excessive force” when he was unable to communicate or follow verbal commands, according to the lawsuit.

An Oklahoma City federal judge approved the settlement in January.

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A Long, Hard Look at Police Brutality in 2018

Protesters will kneel as Super Bowl, Minnesota and police killing cross paths

Protests at the Super Bowl are not unusual — there were plenty in and around NRG Stadium in Houston a year ago. But at least one major demonstration at Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis was practically destined to take place.

And the odds were going to be high, even higher than last year, that the theme would involve taking a knee. Click for full story

It Is Time to Hold Officials Accountable for Police Brutality

Here’s some hypocrisy:

It’s NOT time to hold city officials in sanctuary cities accountable for not enforcing immigration laws but it IS time to hold city officials accountable for not enforcing laws that prohibit police brutality?

In September 1957, seven members of the Ku Klux Klan abducted Judge Aaron, a Black man living in Birmingham Alabama, before beating, castrating, and drowning him in a creek.

His torture and execution was one of thousands – part of the well-documented …

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Police misconduct can come in a lot of forms but one of the cases that are considered criminal in nature is brutality. This can put officers in a bad light, as much as police corruption does, especially since the public expects them to be the protector of society and not be the perpetrator. When these incidents happen, one can expect that a lawsuit is sure to come their way: primarily, due to their abuse of authority and, more importantly, their act of hurting people.

A victim of police brutality can seek the help of lawyers and organizations of concerned citizens who offer various forms of support.

“Driving While Black”: Humor brings light to the tragedy of police brutality

English art historian and writer Horace Walpole once famously said, “The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.”

But it can be argued that no one person is of so singular a mind that they can’t go between feeling and …

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Words and Pictures: ‘To Protect & Serve?’ showcases 50 years of police brutality protest posters

Trayvon Martin. Michael Brown. Sandra Bland. Eric Garner. Freddie Gray.

In recent years, alleged police brutality has been at the heart of several high-profile cases both in the news and on social media.

The Black Lives Matter and Hands Up United movements …

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Why ‘black-ish’ Tackled Police Brutality

At PaleyFest, Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, discuss why the latest episode of their sitcom ‘black-ish’ got serious, to tackle the issue of police brutality.

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Viola Davis Debuts Documentary Series On Police Brutality

The series features input from “law enforcement experts and independent observers,” along with appearances from Rep. Maxine Water, Rev. Al Sharpton and Christopher Darden, the co-prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson murder trial.

“Despite the fact that so …

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Grey’s Anatomy Touched on Police Brutality in a Devastating Way

Grey’s Anatomy once again quietly reminded us of current social injustice in tonight’s episode, “Personal Jesus.”

When a young black boy is rushed into the ER, he is accompanied by …

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Netflix Digs Deep Into Police Brutality W/ Regina King’s New “Seven Seconds” Series Trailer

Netflix continues to make it hard to pay for cable with endless original programming.

Next month, Hollywood actress Regina King and the executive producers of “The Killing” officially premiere their new “Seven Seconds” series.

The gripping story …

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LIVESTREAM: Alleged police brutality victim files lawsuit against APD

The Austin Police Department is facing a federal lawsuit alleging a white police officer used a Taser on a black teenager.

Edwards Law did not elaborate on the incident or where or when it happened, but said it would provide more …

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Police fire up to 9 times, killing stopped motorist

A fourth police officer was killed and two suspected snipers were in custody after a protest late Thursday against police brutality in Dallas, authorities said.

One suspect had turned himself in and another who was in a shootout with SWAT officers was also …

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Grey’s Anatomy Takes a Hard Look At ‘The Talk’ Black Parents Have to Give Their Sons About Police Brutality

The character’s name is Eric Sterling, seemingly named after two men who were gunned down by police.

Eric Garner, the New York man who cops put in a banned chokehold in 2014 and ultimately killed and Alton Sterling, who in 2016 was selling CDs outside a …

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No video, no answers in case of teen brutally beaten by police

With police brutality and cold-blooded killing around the country, the situation is forcing us to unify for justice as the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been advocating, he said.

“Hopefully and prayerfully, they will get justice,” added Mr …

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Man imprisoned 17 years in wrongful conviction gets $817,000


Man imprisoned 17 years in wrongful conviction gets $817,000 compensation judge has awarded $817,000 to a Grand Rapids man who spent 17 years in prison for rape in a wrongful conviction.

Quentin Carter was awarded the funds Wednesday, Sept. 6 during a hearing before Michigan Court of Appeals …

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Opinion: This is outrageous! Do the math; that works out to just $48,079 per year! So…the state of Michigan can wrongfully imprison a person indefinitely and then the only penalty it incurs is to pay them the equivalent of $5.50 per hour that they’re locked up! That’s not even minimum wage! UNBELIEVABLE!

GR man receives $817,351 for wrongful imprisonment RAPIDS, Michigan
A man who was wrongfully convicted spent 17 years in prison for a rape he didn’t commit.

Now, Quentin Carter is getting a check for $817,351.

“I’m very happy,” said Carter in court following the ruling Wednesday.

Carter is …

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$15M verdict in police shooting of unarmed black man heading to mediation

$15M verdict in police shooting of unarmed black man heading to mediation“Defendants were saddled with the impossible burden of defending not only this case, but also the ubiquitous but unsubstantiated narratives that police are allegedly targeting African-Americans for excessive force,” he wrote.

“It is apparent that the …

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3 police shootings weren’t caught on body cams. This is why, cops say say Derry was the aggressor, and pulled a gun during a foot pursuit.

Derry, who also plans to sue the department, says the police used excessive force and officers never found a gun because he did not have one.

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Man Claims Police Used Excessive Force During His Arrest HEIGHTS
The fence is still locked in front of the boarded up, three-story house where an electrical fire burned everything back in June.

“All’s I can remember yelling is this is my mom’s house, this is my mom’s house,” said Dryw Westerman.

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DOJ Changes Excessive Force Program General Jeff Sessions just got his wish to rollback agreements made between the Department of Justice civil rights division and local police departments to combat excessive police force under former President Barack Obama.

The Department of …

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Video Of Alleged Excessive Force On Carjacking Suspect Released In Trial Of Baltimore Co. Officer scene was caught on camera by a Baltimore City police helicopter, which captured the alleged use of excessive force on video, as it circled over the scene as backup.

The next day, City Police alerted County Police to Spivey’s on-camera kicking. It …

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Oakland Police Sexual Exploitation Case Exposed

Court Orders Oakland to Report on Fixes Following Police Sexual Exploitation Case federal judge has ordered Oakland officials to detail how they plan to fix procedural issues in the Police Department identified last month in a court-ordered report that found OPD’s investigation into a widespread officer sexual exploitation case …

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Damning New Report Shows How Oakland Cops Covered Up Their Sexual Exploitation of a Minor damning new report explains the extent that the Oakland Police Department (OPD) was involved with the girl, who goes by the pseudonym Celeste Guap, and also details OPD leadership’s myriad attempts to make the scandal disappear.

Throughout the …

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Judge: Oakland must show plan for fixing PD federal judge has summoned lawyers for Oakland to court Monday July 10, 2017 to explain the city’s mishandling of a police sexual misconduct investigation that led to the chief’s resignation and implicated two dozen officers throughout the San …

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The Latest: Federal judge optimistic for Oakland police Latest on a summons of top Oakland, California, officials by a federal judge to discuss a report on a sexual misconduct investigation.

A federal judge who oversees the Oakland Police Department says …

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Attorneys in Oakland Police case ask judge to consider tough sanctions and Chanin said, “The failure to properly investigate the sexual misconduct from September 2015 to March 2016 without court intervention raises troubling questions about whether the senior leadership of the city of Oakland and the Oakland Police …

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Oakland Police Sexual Exploitation Case at Center of Looming Legal Showdown involved in federal court oversight of the Oakland Police Department are calling for a detailed accounting of failures and disciplinary action taken against officers and supervisors tasked with investigating a police sexual exploitation case …

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Could Oakland be held in contempt for not reforming its police? notion was raised in a court brief ahead of a hearing Monday at which city attorneys will be called to account for blunders highlighted in a report last month that detailed the mishandling of a sexual misconduct case by senior members of the Police …

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More Police Brutality Lawsuit Settlements in the News

Convicted jewel thief, gun peddler Justin Douglas latest to receive police brutality settlement from Springfield
The city and state will pay convicted jewel thief and gun-peddler Justin Douglas $60,000 to settle a police brutality lawsuit filed three years ago in federal court, according to settlement documents.

Douglas was arrested in 2012 at a …

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ACLU, Police Brutality Victims, News Outlets ACLU of Maryland is backing two Baltimore media outlets in separate lawsuits against Baltimore and Salisbury police.

The ACLU is fighting so-called “gag …

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When cops kill, paying their victims’ families can be a cold, calculating process attorney, Robert Bennett, and other legal experts told Mic that establishing police brutality settlement amounts involves examining callous, but legally-relevant factors, such as the victim’s age, education level and overall lifetime earning …

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Philando Castille Settlement Shows White America Willingly Pays for White Supremacy like Pittsburgh, Denver and of course Chicago have doled out millions of dollars in settlements and penalties for police brutality with nary a chief getting fired or a cop being jailed.

If a county hospital was getting sued every year for …

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Michael Brown family receives $1.5 million settlement from Ferguson August 9, 2014, police officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown, 18, at least six times on West Florissant Avenue in St. Louis suburb, Ferguson, Mo., according to The New York Times.

An autopsy …

What is being done to prevent police brutality? There have …

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Conn. ACLU Demands Release Of Documents In Enfield Police Brutality Cases of the lawsuits were settled out of court, and Worden was originally fired, but town officials changed his termination to a resignation.

Worden admitted no wrongdoing, and town officials have refused to release any information about the …

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Springfield police brutality victim Melvin Jones III jailed after 2nd arrest in 2 weeks
A Chicopee man who won a $499,000-plus settlement in a police brutality case is facing new charges after being pulled over for driving with allegedly stolen Connecticut license plates.

Melvin Jones III, 35, pleaded not guilty Friday in …

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KING: Police officers, departments and pension plans should cover the billions paid out for police brutality enormous physical and psychological costs of police brutality in America can never be fully measured, but the monetary costs can.

Just hours ago, it was announced that the family of Philando Castile will receive a $3 million settlement.

Numerous …

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Lawsuits: Officer Used Excessive Force In Several Cases this 2013 file photo, former Enfield Police Department K9 Officer Matthew Worden and his dog Falco negotiate a low crawl obstacle during the annual K9 Olympics in Mansfield, Connecticut.

Eight brutality lawsuits settled over the past 10 months paint …

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New York City and James Blake Resolve Excessive Force Claim Blake in 2015.

The City of New York will create a legal fellowship in Mr. Blake’s name within the Civilian Complaint Review Board, the agency that …

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Philando Castile Protests; This Too Shall Pass

OPINION: The short dashcam footage that is being distributed widely on most social media platforms has been selectively edited in order to portray the narrative that this cop just walked up and murdered this guy Castile out of the clear blue because he’s black.

The reason the edited version is making the rounds is because the full video clearly shows (with audio) that the cop was actually being very cool and relaxed and was speaking casually with both of the adults in the car just seconds before, and right up until, Castile decided to reach for his gun.

HERE’S THE PROBLEM: He should have known better. Every CCW class everywhere teaches its students to NEVER, EVER draw or reach for your gun (or anything else) in the presence of a cop after he knows you’re armed – under any circumstance. Let me say that again; NEVER, EVER, under any circumstance, reach for your gun (or anything else) in the presence of a cop after he knows you’re armed. EVER.

Instead, you are instructed to present your gun permit with your ID immediately upon the officer’s approach to your vehicle and you immediately inform them that you are armed. You keep your hands in plain sight at all times (steering wheel or dashboard), you NEVER reach for anything and you do EXACTLY as instructed by the cop in order for them to safely disarm you.

Now, with that in mind, watch the full, unedited dashcam video and count all of the violations of the above instructions that Castile made.

This cop clearly ordered Castile THREE TIMES not to reach for or pull out his gun.

First he said “don’t reach for it”, then “don’t pull it out” and then “don’t pull it out!” again. Castile ignored his instructions all 3 times even as the cop was drawing on him and yelling for him not to pull it out and as a result, Castile’s gun can be seen laying in his lap on the girlfriend’s video.

With as much negative attention as has been paid in the last couple years to the injustice of cops shooting unarmed black men, and the fact that the media points out he had a permit – which means he should have attended training to avoid this exact circumstance – this particular armed black man reaching for or drawing his weapon in the presence of a cop after being forcefully warned 3 times not to, and the officer screaming at him and continuing to reach for something or draw his weapon, well, that was just bad judgment on Castile’s part.

On June 25, 100,000 Will Have Dinner In Honor Of Philando Castile Dream Defenders are hosting a Day of Dinners in efforts in an act of civilized protest for Philando Castille.

Almost a year after the death of the Minnesota native and a few days after the contentious court ruling, 100,00 people have registered …

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Protests continue after cop who fatally shot Philando Castile acquitted gather outside the state Capitol in St. Paul, Minn., Friday, June 16, 2017, after St. Anthony police Officer Jeronimo Yanez was cleared in the fatal shooting of Philando Castile, a black motorist whose death captured national attention when …

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Attitudes, legal standards help make police convictions rare Milwaukee police officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown, center, speaks with his attorney Jonathan Smith in Milwaukee County Court on Wednesday, June 21, 2017, in Milwaukee after being …

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Cop acquittal in Philando Castile case stirs protest is what the mother of Philando Castile, Valerie Castile, said to the public June 16 when she learned about the verdict on Jeronimo Yanez.

Yanez, the Minnesota police officer who fatally shot Castile during a traffic stop last year, was found not …

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Vigilante hacker protests Philando Castile verdict by hacking into Minnesota government database Minnesota government’s database has reportedly been hacked by a vigilante hacker in protest against the recent Philando Castile verdict.

On Friday (16 June) a jury found the police officer that shot and killed the black motorist last year during an …

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State database hacked in apparent protest of Yanez verdict his family won’t get the satisfaction of knowing the one who killed Philando is rightly punished.

An innocent man died.

And a guilty one lives freely.”

The hack comes as people outraged over Yanez’s acquittal on charges of manslaughter and …

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Chicagoans march after Minnesota officer acquitted in death of Philando Castile 100 people attended a march June 18, 2017, in Chicago to protest the acquittal of the police officer who killed Philando Castile near St. Paul, Minn., the year before.

The protesters marched from Washington Park to the intersection of East 49th …

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Protests break out after acquittal in Philando Castile case – Washington Post marched in St. Paul and Minneapolis on June 16 after the acquittal of the Minn. officer who fatally shot Philando Castile.

Activists ultimately shut down one of the main interstate highways in Minnesota.

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18 protesters arrested after Philando Castile court decision arrested 18 protesters early Saturday as thousands gathered in St. Paul, Minn., after a jury acquitted a police officer who shot and killed Philando Castile. Troopers for the Minnesota State Patrol began arresting people after issuing three …

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Two journalists among 18 arrested during overnight freeway standoff

The Minnesota State Patrol arrested 18 people, including two news reporters, in St. Paul early this morning after protesters shut down Interstate 94.

By Staff reports … Abdi Iman, of Eden Prairie dressed as an angel said,”Philando is looking down as …

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18 Arrested as Thousands Protest Verdict of Philando Castile Death of protesters gathered Friday night after a jury found a police officer not guilty in last year’s fatal shooting of motorist Philando Castile.

Minnesota State Patrol said it arrested 18 protesters following …

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18 Arrested in Protests After Police Officer Yanez Found Not Guilty of protesters gathered in Minnesota Friday night after a court acquitted the police officer who shot dead Philando Castile during a traffic stop, an incident that was broadcast on Facebook Live by the deceased’s girlfriend.

Some 500 …

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