CA Supreme Court Imposes Broad Liability for Employers

California Supreme Court Imposes Broad Liability for Employers and Premises Owners in “Take-Home” Toxic Exposure Supreme Court of California has overturned prior case law and imposed broad new liability on “employers and premises owners” in “take-home” toxic exposure cases.

In a lengthy opinion issued in the consolidated Kesner v. Superior Court and Haver v.Northern California Record …

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Ohio “Parking Lot Carry” Gun Bill Becomes Law

CHL holders may keep firearms and ammunition in their personal vehicles on employers’ premises provided:

(1) the CHL holder stays inside the vehicle with the firearm/ammunition or if he/she leaves the vehicle, the firearm/ammunition remains locked …

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Repair company denies liability in tenant’s lawsuit over black mold complaint alleges Raz Repair has a contract with Terra Properties to provide repair services to the premises and failed to repair the alleged black mold problems.

The defendant argues that the plaintiff only alleged a duty through the contract …

Original article on The Madison Record

Outdated terminology: What to do when a policy calls for ‘fire legal liability’“I have a situation where my would-be-insured is needing, because the lease states it, fire legal liability $1,000,000 and the policy we have been offered by a carrier states, “Damages To Premises Rented To You” is only $100,000.

The offering I …

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Inspector Who Fell From Ladder Supplied by Property Owner Awarded $2M

He fell off of the ladder 12 feet to the ground, breaking both of his feet and suffering orthopedic injuries.

He also suffered a compression fracture in the lumbar area of his spine that could not be corrected with surgery.

He filed a premises …

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