Published on June 12, 2017

Attorneys Double-Dipping Millions From Player’s NFL Settlements


Un Friggin’ Believable! Talk about a bunch of greedy, money-grubbing attorneys, I swear!

As part of the settlement the NFL has already set aside $112.5 million for the attorneys in the NFL concussion settlement. But now, some exceptionally greedy attorneys are also trying to double-dip and charge players and their families from 25% up to 40% ($1,250,000 to $2,000,000 additional) out of the individual player’s settlement amounts – despite the fact that they didn’t have to do any additional or individual work on the case to earn those extra fees!

These attorneys need to be stopped by the judge AND be stripped of their licenses to practice law!

Former NFL football players say attorneys taking too much of CTE settlement

Thousands of ex-pro football players with CTE filed a class action lawsuit against the NFL.

They settled the case for just over a billion dollars.

Players like Smith are set to receive 5 million dollars each and that’s money Smith’s wife needs to help …

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Setting the record straight on CTE

The groundbreaking study that revealed CTE in 87 of 91 deceased NFL players’ brains it examined; the release of the movie “Concussion”; and the NFL’s concussion settlement and subsequent public acknowledgment of a connection between football and CTE …

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Family of late Pittsburg State football player files suit against NCAA, MIAA

Concussions and their effect on the brain have received considerable attention in recent years as researchers concluded there is a link between CTE and Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

In January of last year, a federal …

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Justin Strzelczyk’s Wife Discusses Former Steeler’s Life, Family’s Struggle With CTE, And Advocacy

She also pointed out that a past concussion lawsuit that produced a settlement for players didn’t even leave Strzelczyk’s family eligible to benefit because it only applied to those who had died since 2006.

McMahan is an active participant in different …

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Nick Buoniconti shines light on CTE

Buoniconti expressed anger at the NFL, which reached a $1 billion concussion settlement to cover the cost of CTE and other brain issues with about 20,000 former football players.

Buoniconti says that’s not enough and accuses the NFL of letting him and …

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Talking about CTE and the NFL’s Concussion Settlement with former Cleveland Browns QB Bernie Kosar

Bernie Kosar’s vitamin treatments usually last around an hour and a half, leaving us plenty of time to talk on a recent visit.

In talking about the concussions Kosar suffered through his career and the impact they’ve had on his health, the …

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Ex-NFL Players Drop Group CTE Workers Compensation Suit

In that case, a class of former players settled with the NFL on concussion and head injury claims for an uncapped amount, which could reach close to $1 billion.

The settlement covers thousands of former players, who must now file claims under the …

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