Published on December 5, 2016

Are Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment Claims Declining?

Hostilities against women take the form of fewer workplace opportunities on Wall Street are two types of sexual harassment claims, according to the EEOC: quid pro quo and hostile work environment.

Quid pro quo means “this for that” and in this context, it involves expressed or implied demands for sexual favors in exchange for a …

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Sexually charged: Are harassment claims declining?

Quid pro quo cases allege that an employment offer, promotion or threat of demotion is conditioned on unwelcome sexual advances.

Hostile-environment cases allege that the workplace is charged with pervasive sexual remarks or advances that …

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What is Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and what can an Employer do about it?

Quid pro quo essentially means “this for that.”

For instance, quid pro quo harassment would occur if a supervisor conditioned an employee’s career advancement on sexual favors.

“Hostile work environment” is the other type of harassment. This type of …

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Bad bosses: Beware quid pro quo harassment case: Emmanuela, an obstetrician for a medical clinic, alleged that a supervisor threatened to withhold her paycheck if she refused his sexual advances.

Later, her contract wasn’t renewed. She sued, alleging quid pro quo sexual harassment. She …

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How Unusual Is the Roger Ailes Sexual Harassment Case? to Ailes’s alleged victims, he was anything but subtle in his demands, explicitly tying his requests for sex to opportunities for advancement — what the law labels “quid pro quo” harassment.

He allegedly told one woman who was trying to land …

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